Why our Training is In-Car Versus Classroom

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Bill Plant Driving School offers 72 hours of expert in-car training (10 hours Part 2, 42 hours Part 3 and an optional 20 hours of FREE PDI Training) as the key component of its Driving Instructor Training.

Unlike our competitors, we believe in the philosophy of teaching by doing. You wouldn’t teach a student how to drive in a classroom and would instead want them to gain as much practical understanding as possible, so why should our Driving Instructor Training be any different!

Learning with an instructor in-car means for a far more focused and organised learning environment, where your instructor’s provision of attention is directed entirely towards developing your personal skillset as opposed to offering general guidance to a class of up to 30 people.

Driving Lesson Safety with Bill Plant Driving School

“In-car training is invaluable and is the key to the training process. It’s only once in-car that trainee driving instructors truly start to understand the whole process and gain priceless experience. The 72 hours offered by Bill Plant Driving School presents the best way for prospective instructors to develop into accomplished fully qualified ADI’s”Peter Brabin – Head of Training

The in-car training offered by your dedicated personal trainer allows you to create both a rapport and structured plan of action to help build on your strengths as well as shore up on weaknesses, with the ultimate goal of helping you become the greatest driving instructor you can be.

Studies have shown that practical and engaged types of learning have a direct link with developing talent and retaining information. It seems only natural then that Bill Plant Driving School makes sure to provide only the most broad-based learning experience to those looking to become the best and most proficient driving instructors nationwide.

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Everything has been great from start to finish. I have felt really well supported by Bill Plant and with 20 bookings sent over to me in the first month I’m now struggling to fit people in with my diary full.”


“I found that the course was excellent, extremely well presented and had great structure throughout. I would highly recommend this to friends and trainees alike”


“I cannot thank Bill Plant and my trainers enough. They gave me constructive criticism and feedback throughout the week. I can’t believe the difference from the day I started to when the course ended.”