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The Psychological Side of Driving Instruction

In this blog, we take a look at how you can become a better driving instructor and help your students overcome driving anxiety

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Bill Plant Driving School Wins National Driving School of the Year 2024!

Bill Plant named National Driving School of the Year again! Plus, our team of the best driving instructors secured the silver for Training Provider of the Year.

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The Best Non-Office Jobs to Keep You Fulfilled

If spending your weekdays confined to cubicles and office spaces is your idea of a nightmare, you’re in the right […]

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Is It Hard to Become a Driving Instructor?

If you’re considering embarking on a new career and beginning driving instructor training, you’ll likely wonder what’s required and how […]

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Driving School Benefits: Why Join a National Driving School as an Instructor

Teaching people to drive is hugely rewarding, offering countless benefits and opportunities for professional progression. But, as with most lines […]

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What Careers Are in Demand in the UK?

Explore careers in demand in the UK for a successful future. Discover growth opportunities in finance, driving instruction, healthcare, and more.

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The Best Flexible Jobs in the UK 

Explore the best flexible jobs in the UK and enjoy a better work-life balance, the freedom to choose your own hours, and more time spent with your family.

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Can You Become a Driving Instructor With an Automatic Licence?

Find out whether you can become a driving instructor with an automatic driving licence and learn how to become an ADI with Bill Plant Driving School.

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The Benefits of Learning with a Female Driving Instructor

If you’re at the beginning of your driving journey then you’re likely to have your head deep in The Highway […]

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Who can trainee driving instructors provide lessons to?

With the right attitude and training, being a driving instructor can be a fantastic career. You’ll be able to choose […]

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