The Best Non-Office Jobs to Keep You Fulfilled

The Best Non-Office Jobs to Keep You Fulfilled


If spending your weekdays confined to cubicles and office spaces is your idea of a nightmare, you’re in the right place. Many modern professionals now seek a deeper sense of fulfilment and a break from the conventional 9-to-5 routine, meaning the draw of non-office jobs is stronger than ever.

Non-office jobs offer a chance to escape the confines of traditional office settings, allowing you to find purpose, adventure, and satisfaction in your work. The options are diverse and exciting, from roles that put you in the great outdoors to those that connect you with people and communities.

Join us as we help you decide on the career path for you, one that couldn’t be further from the monotony of office life. Whether you’re a recent graduate exploring career options or an experienced professional dreaming of a change in scenery, this article will introduce you to a world of fulfilling and exciting career opportunities beyond the office walls.

The best non-office jobs

Whether you’re drawn to the great outdoors, are passionate about helping others, or simply seeking a change of pace, these are some of the best (and high-paying) non-office careers out there for you:

  1. Construction manager

Becoming a construction manager is a fantastic choice if you’re considering changing careers and want to trade the typical office job for something more hands-on and rewarding. Construction managers are on the front lines of building projects, from houses to bridges, so you can see the tangible results of your work.

You’ll work on various projects, which keeps things interesting and means every day will be different. If you enjoy problem-solving and working closely with teams of architects, engineers, and builders, this career offers plenty of opportunities for collaboration and growth.

Job security, competitive pay, and the chance to work outdoors make construction site management even more appealing. So, if you’re ready to step out of the office and into the world of construction, this could be the best path for your career change.

Average salary: £67,500 (TotalJobs)

  1. Driving instructor

Find a truly fulfilling non-office role by becoming a driving instructor. This job allows you to help individuals gain valuable life skills through safe and confident driving. As a driving instructor, you get to work directly with students, teaching them the rules of the road and the practical aspects of driving.

It’s a role that provides not only job security but also a deep sense of accomplishment as you witness your students progress and achieve their driver’s licences. The flexible work hours and the ability to choose your teaching location offer a level of independence you might find appealing.

So, if you enjoy driving and want a career that combines teaching, connection with your learners, and a change of pace from the office, becoming a driving instructor might be the perfect choice for your career transition.

Average salary: £33 p/h, meaning if you work a 35-hour work week 48 weeks per year, you can earn an average salary of around £31,000. 

Read our comprehensive guide on the average driving instructor salary in the UK to learn more.

  1. Air traffic controller

Air traffic controllers are at the heart of aviation. It couldn’t be further from the traditional office environment. You get to ensure the safety of aircraft and passengers, working from control towers and radar facilities. If you’re starting as a trainee, you’ll experience a mix of theory-based and on-site training in a simulator before working on the real thing.

It’s challenging and rewarding work, with a strong sense of responsibility and job security. The job’s uniqueness, competitive salaries, and the opportunity to make a real difference in aviation safety add to its appeal.

So, if you’re seeking a career that offers a thrilling change of scenery while keeping you engaged and motivated, air traffic control might be the perfect choice.

Average salary: £59,515 (Glassdoor)

  1. Freelance photographer

Turn your passion for photography into a profession by becoming a freelance photographer! It’s an excellent idea for people looking to break free from the clutches of a 9-5. 

As a freelance photographer, you have the flexibility to choose your projects and clients, whether it’s capturing beautiful landscapes, shooting events, or creating stunning portraits.

This career offers creative freedom, letting you express your unique vision through your camera lens. Plus, the ability to work on-location, whether in a studio or the great outdoors, means you can enjoy diverse settings and experiences.

As freelancers technically run their own businesses, some desk work will be involved, including promoting yourself to win new clients, keeping on top of finances, and general admin duties.

Average salary: £36,254 (Glassdoor)

  1. Personal trainer/fitness instructor

Step into the world of physical fitness and well-being by becoming a personal trainer. As a personal trainer, you work directly with clients, helping them achieve their health and fitness goals, which can be incredibly rewarding.

It’s an active job that keeps you on your feet, and you have the satisfaction of knowing you’re positively impacting people’s lives. The flexibility in work hours and settings, whether in a gym, outdoors, or even through virtual training, means you can tailor your career to suit your preferences.

Before applying, you’ll need to complete a training course accredited by UK Athletics, the national governing body for athletics in the UK, to become a personal trainer. This certification will show that you have undergone training to a high standard, increasing your credibility when trying to win potential clients.

Average salary: £30,335 (

  1. Nurse midwife

A very popular non-office job in the medical field is nurse-midwifery. Becoming a nurse midwife is a wonderful choice for someone considering a career change, especially if you’re passionate about healthcare, helping expectant mothers, and looking for a non-office job with a strong sense of purpose.

It’s ideal because it allows you to play a pivotal role in the beautiful journey of childbirth. As a nurse midwife, you get to work directly with expectant mothers and provide care through pregnancy, labour, and postpartum. It’s a highly rewarding profession where you witness the miracle of new life and offer crucial support to families.

The role also offers a balance of clinic and hospital settings, so it’s not your typical desk job. The flexibility and variety in care, from prenatal check-ups to assisting during childbirth, make each day unique.

Average salary: £40,130 (

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