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As with all areas of health and safety in the workplace we have a duty of care to carry out driver risk assessments. Not only are these a legal requirement in their own right but they also act as useful tools in helping prioritise those individuals who are most in need of training.

The assessment allows a company to take pro-active action, addressing the needs of its driver and help prevent incidents before it’s too late. The simple format generates a report indicating the risk values of the driver, based on the following:

  • Working Day
  • Driver History
  • Journey
  • Driver Behaviour
  • Vehicle

The report will help the company identify areas of weakness, depending on the results, the driver may need follow up practical on-road training which will help reduce the risk of death and injury while driving for work plus the added benefit of also reducing fuel consumption, accident damage costs, time off work, insurance premiums and the risk of being prosecuted under Corporate Manslaughter Legislation.

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