How long does it take to become a driving instructor?

How long does it take to become a driving instructor?


Begin training for your new career as a qualified driving instructor today with Bill Plant Driving School. With our dedicated Intensive driving instructor training, you can be on the road instructing students within a matter of months. Alternatively, if you would prefer to undertake your driving instructor training at your own pace, you can learn in and around your local area, with sessions booked around your commitments.

Below we have outlined everything you need to know about how long it takes to become an Approved Driving Instructor so you can get started on your journey today.

What do I have to do before I can start my training?

In order to become a driving instructor, there are a few things you will need to do:

  • Check your eligibility: Are you over the age of 21, have less than 6 points on your licence and have held a full UK driving licence for 3+ years? If so, then you’re eligible to start on the road to being a driving instructor!
  • DBS check: The next thing you will need to do is get a DBS check to ensure you are safe to work with others.
  • Apply to be an instructor: Finally, fill out the Government application to become a driving Instructor, which the team at Bill Plant Driving School can help you navigate if you need.

Once you have completed these applications and had them returned to you (and you aren’t affected by factors outside your control), you’re ready to begin your official training!

Can I become a driving instructor quickly, and is there an intensive course option?

If you’re looking to become a qualified driving instructor quickly, you’re in luck! Intensive Driving Instructor Training with Bill Plant Driving School is available in five locations: London, Birmingham, Manchester, Yorkshire, and Scotland. Train in the quickest time possible! ! For our Yorkshire based intensive training, you’ll train with our head office trainers at our Ripon headquarters to ensure you are taught by the very best. Accommodation and breakfast are included at an additional cost (only available for training in Yorkshire).

Can I train to be a driving instructor around my current job?

With our Flexible Instructor Training courses, you can learn to be a driving instructor around your current job and family commitments. The course is entirely flexible to suit you and your schedule. You’ll be able to do your training wherever you are based in the UK for work and fit each of the training steps in and around your current work/life balance.

How long do the courses take on average to become a driving instructor?

On average, it can take around 6 to 12 months to train to become a fully qualified driving instructor if you are learning at your own pace. Some trainees may complete the training in less time, and some may take slightly longer, but as long as you complete it in the time that is comfortable for you, it doesn’t matter how long it takes.

If you go down the Intensive course route with Bill Plant Driving School, you can substantially reduce the time it takes to qualify as you’re effectively doing your Part 2 and Part 3 training over seven days total (albeit not consecutively). By completing your Part 2 and 3 training in such quick succession, it means you get the opportunity to get started with driving instruction faster than you may have initially thought. 

There may be factors outside your control that will affect how long it takes

We understand that you will want to speed through your training to get on the road teaching as soon as possible, but factors outside your control may affect how long it will take for you to become a licensed driving instructor, these include:

  • Delayed DBS checks: Sometimes, receiving an answer about your DBS check doesn’t come as quickly as you’d like, meaning you can’t get started as rapidly. Due to the current backlog of applications caused by the pandemic, wait times for a DBS check can range from around 2 – 6 weeks on average. However, this time does present the perfect opportunity to start your Part 1 training, which is all done online, through the market-leading training software that we provide.
  • Variable DVSA exam dates and availability: During hectic periods, we cannot guarantee you will get your preferred exam dates , as the test slots are determined by the DVSA. Additionally, unsuccessful attempts will require you to retake them to become qualified, however, additional training is provided to ensure you have the best chance of success.

Further information on becoming a driving instructor

Looking for more information about becoming a driving instructor before you begin training? We have a number of guides that will answer all of your questions so you can be confident in your ability to become a driving instructor.