How much do driving instructors earn in the UK?

How much do driving instructors earn in the UK?


Becoming an Approved Driving Instructor is a great way to kick off a new career and help train the next generation of drivers. Our driving instructors training courses can be completed in a way that suits you, whether that’s intensively, or taking your time and learning at your own pace to work through the exams.

However you choose to complete your driving instructor training, you can look forward to earning a significant wage from providing driving lessons. Below we have outlined how much, on average, driving instructors can make in the UK alongside other essential information regarding the costs of being a driving instructor.

What should your hourly lesson rate be?

Our current driving instructors earn on average £32 per hour across the country, which is higher than the national average of £27. The lowest our driving instructors charge is £28 per hour, but some charge as much as £40 per hour. Based on a 35 hour work week, working 48 weeks per year, earning £32 per hour means you can earn around £30,000 after tax, national insurance and expenses!

The rate at which you charge your students can depend on whether you live in an area where the cost of living is higher, for example, London, or if your student drives a manual or automatic car. Automatic lessons are typically more expensive than manual lessons as driving instructors are harder to find.

How many hours a week do you need to work?

With Bill Plant Driving School, you can indeed be your own boss, working as much as you want! Most of our instructors work close to 35-hour weeks for 48 weeks a year, which equals approximately £53,760 in driving lesson revenue a year (before taxes and business costs). 

If you’re looking to fit being a driving instructor around your current job or other commitments, this is entirely possible! Your earning potential is completely down to you, the more you work, the more you make.

What other overheads do driving instructors need to take into account?

You will need to take a few other overheads into consideration when you become a driving instructor. These include:

  • Franchise fee (Tuition vehicle, dual controls, car insurance and maintenance and pupil marketing are included in our franchise fee but this might not be the case for other companies)
  • Fuel
  • Some types of repairs are not covered by the franchise fee and so you will need to pay for them yourself, for example a punctured tyre. 
  • Basic vehicle maintenance such as washer fluid, wipers and professional car washes
  • Taxes

Do you want to be independent or work for a franchise?

With Bill Plant Driving School, you are guaranteed a driving school franchise once you have completed your training. Voted the 2019 National Driving School of the Year, when you join Bill Plant Driving School as a franchisee, you will have access to a market-leading Volkswagen tuition vehicle, nationwide driving instructor recognition and complete control of your diary so you can choose how much, when and where you work, every time.

Importantly though, joining our driving school franchise is not compulsory – we would rather you complete your training with us and then make that decision once you are ready.

Become a Bill Plant Driving School driving instructor

We have everything you need to begin your driving instructor journey. Our driving instructor training courses are UK leading and guaranteed to help fast track you into your new career. Are you looking for more information on different aspects of becoming a driving instructor? Check out our guides below for all the details.