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Do you have questions about training to become an instructor with Bill Plant Driving School? Feel free to review the FAQ’S below…


Q: Is all my instructor training in a classroom?
A: No, unlike other driving organisations and schools we run the vast majority of Part 2 and Part 3 in-car, totalling 52 hours. We feel this is the best way to become the best possible driving instructor you can. Read more about why we run all in-car training with words from our Head of Training via this link instructor training in-car versus classroom.

Q: Do I have to pay the training cost upfront?
A: Please call your Recruitment Manager directly or 0330 555 2254 to discuss your circumstances and potential payment plans available.

Q: What happens if I need extra training for any of the exams?
A: We offer 52 hours of in-car training for Part 2 and Part 3. If you, or your trainer, feel you would benefit from some further tuition that can be arrange either directly with your trainer or by contacting the Training Department at Bill Plant.

Q: Who are the trainers?
A: They are the best of the best driving instructors. Our Instructor Training Academy is proudly a national Official Register of Driving Instructor Trainers (ORDIT) registered training establishment.

Q: What happens if I fail the exams?
A: The DVSA allow you as many attempts at Part 1 as you need. Once you have passed your Part 1 you will then have two years to pass both Part 2 and Part 3. You are allowed three attempts at both Part 2 and Part 3. If either exam is failed for the third time, then you cannot proceed any further for that instance. If you wish to re-start the process, you can start over again on the second anniversary of first passing your Part 1.

Q: Once I’ve qualified, will I be able to joining Bill Plant Driving School?
A: Yes! We will guarantee you a driving school franchise (PDI and/or ADI) at Bill Plant Driving School upon qualifying. Importantly though it is not compulsory, we would rather you do your training with us and then make that decision once you are ready.

Q. What is the best lesson price?
A: At Bill Plant Driving School we recommend a driving lesson prices of £28 to £33 per hour (subject to area and transmission), therefore this is what you will earn directly. All pupils you are provided will have prepaid on their initial booking, meaning no ‘no shows’, cancellations or time-wasters. All subsequent lessons after the first are paid directly from student to instructor.

Q. How much will I earn per year?
A. On average, you will earn approximately £35,000 per year, before tax. This is based on 40 hours tuition per week after your fuel and franchise fee.

Q: Do I need to work evenings and out of town?
A: Ultimately it is up to you, as you work the hours you and your pupils agreed upon. Upon joining Bill Plant Driving School we will set your profile radius, open your booking diary and start marketing you as a Bill Plant Driving Instructor. Once we pass on the pupil referrals (at no charge), you will arrange a convenient time with your pupils. If you need to fit your lessons around your family, football team or even improving your golf handicap – you can!

Q: How much are the test prices?
A: The ADI driving instructor test prices are separate to the cost of our training and you pay the DVSA directly. The test prices are as follows:
ADI Part One – Theory Test: £81
ADI Part Two – Driving Ability: £111
ADI Part Three – Instructional Ability: £111

Q: How much is the ADI Registration and Licence Fee?
A: Entry to the DVSA Register is £300

For any further questions please do not hesitate to contact our Recruitment Team on 0330 555 2254 or fill in the contact form at the top of this page.


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