9 questions to ask when thinking about becoming a Driving Instructor

9 questions to ask when thinking about becoming a Driving Instructor


How to Become A Driving Instructor?

At Bill Plant Driving School we do not just assist people with ambitions to learn to drive with driving lessons but also offer driving instructor training for those wishing to change their careers and become accomplished driving instructors in their local areas.

With this in mind, we caught up with Jonny, one of our Recruitment Managers for our Driving Instructor Training Academy, to determine the questions (alongside Jonny’s answers!) that you should be asking if you are considering how to become a driving instructor with Bill Plant Driving School.

Here are the 9 questions to consider:

Q: How many hours of my training is in-car training?

A: You will receive a total of 52 hours of in-car training with Bill Plant Driving School (no classroom or home study training for Part 2 & 3!) and an extra 20 hours of training for free if you join us on a PDI licence!

Q: Where is the training held?

A: As a nationwide driving school, we can offer you training in your local area. We also have a national training centres where you can come and do intensive driving instructor training to become a driving instructor. Bill Plant Driving School also offers a residential training course for those looking to become qualified driving instructors as quickly as possible.

Q: How quickly can I become a driving instructor?

A: You could be earning within 3 to 4 months – (its quicker to get onto a PDI licence than it is to pass Part 3 – which is what “qualify” would mean). To get on the road to success as quickly as possible, we recommend our Intensive + Accommodation course based at our Instructor Training Academy in Ripon, where applicants are expected to pass within 16 weeks! Read our detailed guide for more infromation on how long it takes to become a driving instructor.

Q: What exams do I need to take to become a fully qualified driving instructor?

A: To become a fully qualified driving instructor, you will need to pass 3 individual exams – Part 1 (Theory and Hazard Perception Test), Part 2 (Test of Driving Ability) and Part 3 (Test of Instructional Ability). Our training courses will prepare you for all of these! Before you start your exams, there are a whole host of other requirements for becoming a driving instructor you need to be aware of.

Q: Can I get practical experience while training to become a driving instructor?

A: Yes! With our market leading PDI franchise, you can earn while you learn, significantly increasing your chances of succeeding with your exams!

Q: How much can I earn once I qualify?

A: We’ve had a lots of instructors tell us that based on them working 40 hours a week they’ve earned £40,000 a year! For more infomration read our guide on how much driving instructors earn in the UK.

Q: Am I in control of my own diary or do I need to work when I’m told? 

A: You will always be in complete control of your own diary. As an instructor, you will coordinate with your dedicated Instructor Support team and choose the times and areas you want to work with. Extra work that you need can be sent your way upon request!

Q: What car do I use for my training and does my car change if I join the franchise?

A: You will be using a market leading Volkswagen Golf or Volkswagen T-Roc for both your training, and subsequently if you choose to join, our Driving Instructor Franchise. Highly recommended tuition vehicles ensure you are constantly getting a premium service from Bill Plant Driving School.

Q: Can I use the car for personal use?

A: Yes – Bill Plant Driving School tuition vehicles can be used for personal use and you can even nominate someone else in your household to be a 2nd driver for the car too.

Follow the link for further frequently asked questions about Driving Instructor Training. To discuss Driving Instructor Training with Bill Plant Driving School, call our dedicated Training Team on 0330 555 2254. We’ll look forward to hearing from you.