Instructor Support Update – 1st May

Instructor Support Update – 1st May

New Pupil Enquiries and Key Workers
We continue to receive a steady number of new pupil enquiries for lessons to be scheduled after the lockdown ends, in addition to those from Key Workers who are currently seeking driving lessons. If your diary is open, you will receive these enquiries and it is vital that you respond to these enquiries when you receive them from the Booking Team.

Please call the new pupil, as you normally would, and either arrange a lesson for the Key Worker or build up your waiting list. For pupils seeking driving lessons post lockdown, it is vital to call them, engage with them now and build a rapport, as this gives you a much higher chance of retaining them and ensuring your business returns to normal as soon as possible.

If you would like to stop receiving new enquiries at this time, please contact your Relationship Manager to temporarily close your diary.

Future Pupil Planning
Our Marketing Team is currently planning post-lockdown learn to drive nationwide activity to ensure that you will be busier than ever following the end of the lockdown period. Calls have already begun and if you haven’t received a call so far, your Relationship Manager will be in touch to discuss your current diary and any future pupil enquiries that you will need.

Do ensure you are keeping your current pupils engaged throughout this period. Here a few suggestions:

  • Create a weekly content plan for May and ensure you are sending your pupils at least one message per week
  • Push the new Online Theory Learning Product for those who haven’t yet passed their Theory Test
  • Share our Marketing Content to your Pupils. Either by text / WhatsApp or reposting on your own social media platforms
  • Courtesy Calls. Touch base with your Pupils and call them to see how they are and ensure they are looking forward to re-commencing their lessons 

If you would like any further suggestions on engaging your pupil please speak to your Relationship Manager. We will continue to share best practices throughout May.

Marketing Activity
We continue to be very active from a current marketing point of view to ensure the Bill Plant Driving School brand remains highly visible to current and new consumers.

Last week Bill Plant Driving School was featured in both print and online editions of the Portsmouth News due to the exceptional volunteering efforts of Debbie and we surprised the kids of a Durham-based Instructor, after he sent in a video of them cleaning his car – read the story via our blog –

Our Colour our Car Competition ends on 11th May. This will be a fantastic local and regional news piece for when driving lessons restart and we need ALL your help to share this. You can help by promoting our Colour our Car Competition, not only to your friends and family but also pupils. Here is the link to share and also a few images below for you to save and post on social media profiles.

Please keep sending in your stories and Volunteering activity to [email protected] or via your Relationship Manager.

Tonight’s Online Quiz
We are delighted to host our first Online Quiz for all our Instructors and Head Office staff later today at 6pm. Here is a link to all the information you’ll be prior to 6pm, including the app you will need, and the Zoom call details –

Instructor Support
As ever, we are here for you, do contact your Relationship Manager in the Instructor Support Team on 01765 643374 should you need any assistance.

We continue to do all we can to support our Instructors, Trainers, Trainees, Staff and Pupils.

Kind regards

Tom Hixon
Head of Instructor Support