Instructor and Head Office Online Speed Quiz

Following a recommendation from one of our Instructors (thank you Darren), we’ve joined forces with Laughing Chilli Comedy Club to bring you our very first Bill Plant Driving School Online Speed Quiz this Friday (1st May) at 6pm.

This quiz will be family friendly so feel free to play along with all your household and as it is Friday at 6pm, feel free to prepare a few drinks! 🍹🍺

The quiz will be 60 minutes, with an interval after roughly 30 minutes. There will be a mixture of general knowledge questions alongside a music intro round.

The Zoom login information is below (for your viewing device) alongside the app you will need (your playing device).

What you will need in order to play Speed Quizzing Live

  • A reliable internet connection
  • A Viewing Device: An internet-enabled device to watch & hear your host in the Zoom conference meeting. Either a laptop, internal-enabled TV or iPad (a bigger screen is preferable)
  • A Playing Device: An internet-enabled Apple / Android Phone or Tablet / Kindle – with the ‘SpeedQuizzing – Live’ app installed.
  • Apple users can find it in the App Store “SpeedQuizzing – Live” – or here –
  • (Make sure you install the ‘SpeedQuizzing – Live’ app and NOT the ‘SpeedQuizzing Virtual Buzzer’)
  • Android users can download it here: (Note: On Android, you may need to ‘Allow Apps From Unknown Sources’ in the device’s security settings to allow the app to install)

What to do ahead of the event – Zoom login

  • Download and install app onto your device
  • On your Viewing Device – click the Zoom Conference URL: or join the meeting here: using the ID 661-784-3739
  • In the name field – enter your team/player name to be
  • You will need to click “Use Internet / Computer Audio”

What to do when the event starts

  • When you are successfully connected to the Zoom meeting you will see a welcome page and hear some background music
  • Open the ‘SpeedQuizzing – Live‘ app on you player device
  • Enter your team/player name, and input the four digit pin number shown on the welcome page, or provided by your host, and hit Connect
  • Wait and then follow the instructions from your host when the quiz commences

Your microphone will be muted so it doesn’t interfere with the quiz, but do please turn your camera on so the host and everyone else can see who’s playing across the whole driving school!

Donations to the host

The quiz is free to play, however there is a link set up if you’d like to make a donation to Laughing Chilli . You can donate at:

We’ll look forward to seeing you all LIVE at 6pm on Friday!

Thanks, Bill Plant Driving School Instructor Support Team