Instructor Support Update – 26th November

Instructor Support Update – 26th November

Post-lockdown Driving Lesson Guidance for England
As announced in Parliament, the second National Lockdown in England will end next week and revert to local tiers. In the last correspondence that we received from the DVSA (image below) they stated that driving lessons should not restart in England until Thursday 3rd December, which falls in line with the GOV.UK guidance (link below). Therefore we will resume and promote Thursday 3rd December as our driving lessons restart date. If the DVSA advise otherwise prior to Thursday, we will amend accordingly and provide you with an update.

GOV.UK website link, stating you should not carry out driving lessons and motorcycle training in England up to and including Wednesday 2 December 2020 – click to see the link.

Our Bookings Team, which has remained open and busy taking bookings throughout the lockdown, will continue operating our successful pre-payment system with our marketing activity in England returning to full capacity. Scotland and Wales will continue to run as normal.

If you need to change the status of your diary, please inform your Relationship Manager as soon as possible.

Driving Lesson Safety
Please find the link to our pupil-facing driving lesson safety page, to follow and share with your pupils prior to their lessons –

As a reminder, please find the previous post-lockdown driving lesson guidance notes, that are still applicable (internal only, do not share)

Instructor Support
As ever, we are here for you, please contact your Relationship Manager in the Instructor Support Team on 01765 643374 should you need any assistance.

We continue to do all we can to support our Instructors, Trainers, Trainees, Staff and Pupils.

Kind regards

Tom Hixon
Head of Instructor Support