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Who can trainee driving instructors provide lessons to?

With the right attitude and training, being a driving instructor can be a fantastic career. You’ll be able to choose your own hours, become your own boss and have the job satisfaction of being able to assist someone on their journey to gaining a valuable life skill.

There’s no denying that the journey to becoming an approved driving instructor (ADI) can be challenging, demanding patience and dedication from trainees throughout each of the three assessment stages. But, there are a number of ways in which potential driving instructors (PDIs) can benefit before they’ve even qualified. 

Providing lessons for paying students is one of the main perks of being a trainee driving instructor, but it’s important to understand the relevant rules and requirements before starting.

In this blog post, we’ll cover what a trainee driving instructor licence grants you to do, in terms of giving lessons and the scenarios in which these can take place.

How does driving instructor training work?

Simply put, driving instructor training is a process governed by three tests: ADI test part one is a theory test, ADI test part two is a driving ability test and ADI test part three is a test of your ability to combine the two and display your teaching ability.

We’ve covered these all in good depth on our blog, where we talk about what it takes to pass them and what to expect along the way.

Can trainee driving instructors provide lessons?

Yes, trainee driving instructors can provide lessons, having obtained their trainee or PDI licence.

In between the second and third parts of your driving instructor training, you’re eligible to apply for a trainee licence. The application process takes place through the government website, where they charge a small administration fee. 

Trainees are only eligible for this licence after they have had 40 hours of proven driving instructor training under their belt at Part 3 with a qualified ADI, 10 hours of which need to be behind the wheel. Upon obtaining your licence, it is valid for 6 months.

When taking lessons as a trainee driving instructor, there are a few rules one has to follow.

  • You cannot work independently: When taking lessons, a trainee driving instructor must take them as part of a driving school, they cannot work or advertise themselves independently.
  • Students must know: Before giving driving lessons, the instructor must make it clear to the student that they only hold a trainee licence.

Who can trainee driving instructors provide lessons to?

A trainee driving instructor can provide lessons to any learner with a provisional driving licence. Before leading classes, the instructor must make it clear that they are a trainee, ensuring their trainee licence is shown on the dashboard of their car.

What else are trainee driving instructors not allowed to do?

When taking lessons, trainee driving instructors have to adhere to some simple rules to prioritise the safety of their students and ensure that best practices are in place. Here is a list of things you are not allowed to do.

  • Conducting paid driving lessons without supervision: As a trainee driving instructor, you must be supervised at all times by an approved driving instructor who holds a full, valid driving instructor licence. You are not permitted to provide paid driving lessons independently or without proper supervision as a trainee.
  • Advertising as a qualified driving instructor: In the interests of safety and full disclosure, trainee driving instructors are not allowed to present themselves as fully qualified driving instructors. You must make it clear to prospective students in any advertisements that you are a trainee.
  • Conducting driving instructor training: As a trainee driving instructor, you are not authorised to provide training or instruction to individuals on their journey to become instructors themselves. This responsibility is solely given to qualified ADIs or driving instructor training organisations.
  • Taking examinations and issuing certificates: People with a trainee driving instructor licence do not have the authority to take a learner on their final driving test or give qualifying certificates to learner drivers, only fully-qualified ADIs can provide this service. In the interest of the safety of the general public, the role of conducting driving tests is reserved for DVSA examiners who are specifically trained for this purpose.

Where can I learn to become a driving instructor?

When it comes to learning to become a driving instructor, it’s crucial that you pick the best driving school possible. This will give you the best chance of passing your theory and practical exams first time and help to ensure that, once qualified, you’re able to provide high-quality tuition for learner drivers.

This is where Bill Plant Driving School comes in. As an award-winning driving school with instructor training facilities located nationwide, we make the experience of learning to become a driving instructor seamless and enjoyable from start to finish.

Whether you’re only just thinking about making a career change or looking to move to a more reputable training provider, our team of experienced instructors is on-hand to make the whole process as rewarding as possible. 

As a trainee at Bill Plant Driving School, you’ll have access to industry-leading support, a fleet of modern vehicles in which to provide lessons to paying students and a guaranteed position within our driving school franchise upon passing your part 3 exam*

To find out more about what it takes to become a fully-qualified driving instructor, get in touch with one of our team.

*Subject to appropriate professional conduct and adherence to our Code of Ethics.

Frequently asked questions about providing lessons as a potential driving instructor

Can a trainee driving instructor charge for lessons?

In short, yes, a trainee driving instructor can charge for lessons and earn money as they train. There are some rules they must stick to, however, to ensure they are delivering high-quality lessons to pupils. This includes being supervised by a qualified ADI and displaying their PDI pink badge at all times.

What could cause me to lose my trainee licence?

There are a few things that would force your trainee driving instructor licence to be revoked prematurely, including:

  • You break any of the rules for having a trainee licence, such as gaining more than 6 points on your driving licence.
  • The licence was issued by mistake or gained through fraud.
  • You fail 3 attempts at the ADI part 3 test. You will, however, be able to restart your driving instructor training and reapply at a later date.

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