Why train to become a driving instructor with Bill Plant?

Why train to become a driving instructor with Bill Plant?


Are You Thinking of Becoming a Driving Instructor?

Your new future starts here! Watch the video below and read about our Driving Instructor Training available at Bill Plant Driving School. With high-quality training and support from Bill Plant Driving School, you can turn your dream of a new career into a reality.

Bill Plant Driving School Instructor Academy is a national ORDIT (Official Register of Driving Instructor Trainers) registered training establishment and we train thousands of individuals each year to become qualified driving instructors. We draw upon years of experience to deliver the very best learning experience for our trainee driving instructors.

Watch the video below to understand more about our driving instructor training:

What our Driving Instructors Say…

Don’t just take our word for it, read our recent testimonials from trainees who have attended our driving instructor courses and have now trained to become driving instructors in our fleet.

Susan – Bill Plant Driving Instructor

Susan chose Bill Plant Driving School for her Driving Instructor Training

“I enjoyed the course, my trainer made us feel very comfortable throughout and was great at giving directions. Thanks to Bill Plant Driving School, I can’t wait to become a driving instructor. All in all a great experience!”

Stevi – Bill Plant Driving Instructor

Driving Instructor Training at Bill Plant Driving School

“Absolutely loved my time at Bill Plant Driving School. I have learnt a lot about my driving skills and where I need to improve and look forward to my part 3. Amazing!”

Muhammad – Bill Plant Driving Instructor

Become a driving instructor with Bill Plant Driving School
“My Bill Plant Driving School trainer took out all the pressure you face when learning to drive. Everything is relaxed and moves at your own pace. I enjoyed all the training and glad to be on the road!”

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Train with the experts at Bill Plant Driving School

Learn how to become a Driving Instructor (ADI) and take charge of your career, be your own boss and earn £40,000+.  Train either at our Driving Instructor Training Academy in Yorkshire or closer to home, contact our friendly recruitment team to receive a FREE information pack.

Thanks, Bill Plant Driving School Team