Driving Lessons for Nervous Learners

Driving Lessons for Nervous Learners


Being a nervous learner before a driving lesson is nothing to feel ashamed or embarrassed about. It is a completely natural reaction to feel anxious before getting behind the wheel in your first few lessons – we have all been there at some point and you are not alone. Take a look at our top tips to be calmer when learning to drive.

driving lessons for nervous drivers

Tips for Early Driving Lessons

Small Goals

Thinking about when you may eventually pass your test and driving alone are just some of the things our most nervous drivers get caught up with. Set your self small, achievable goals during lessons which you can build on each week. Driving Lessons are a long term course which is designed to take as long as you need to feel comfortable.

Remember, Mistakes Happen

Mistakes happen to everyone, even experienced drivers. You may have seen experienced drivers in your friends and family make mistakes while driving, perhaps your mum or dad stalled at a junction? This is completely normal and we expect this to happen from time to time while you are learning to drive.

Talk to your Instructor

Every ADI – Approved Driving Instructor – in the Bill Plant fleet have had to go through driving instructor training to be able to join our team. They are no strangers to the stresses and nervous feelings of taking lessons and tests while driving. Speak to your instructor about how you are feeling so they can offer better advice and lesson plans to suit your needs. They will understand.

Time to Breathe

It may sound too simple to be effective, but taking a few seconds to control your breathing can help your confidence and ability behind the wheel. Breathe slowly and from deep within your stomach rather than shorter breaths from your chest and lungs.

Help for Anxious Drivers

It is also normal for drivers to feel anxious after passing their tests. All of your driving experience up to the point of passing your driving test has taken place with someone at your side for tips, guidance and support. With that level of support no longer there it is only natural to feel uneasy.

Some drivers will tackle this with complete confidence, but not all motorists transition to independent driving quite so easily.

In an article, we published in October, 23% of motorists felt anxious and uncomfortable on multi-lane roads such as motorways. Drivers have also claimed they feel nervous driving in the dark and in certain weather conditions furthering their need to gain confidence behind the wheel.

motorway driving lessons for learners

All of our driving instructors are available to offer both refresher driving lessons and a pass plus course to go over specific problem areas.

Refresher lessons are available across the UK for drivers to spend time with an instructor covering any aspect of driving they feel less confident in. This can include manoeuvres, parking, driving at busy periods or anything else covered in the learning to drive curriculum.

Pass Plus lessons follow a specified course of 6 modules including motorway driving, night driving, different road types and weather conditions among other areas. Find out more on whether pass plus courses are right for your driving confidence.

If you have any questions about learning to drive with Bill Plant Driving Instructors in your local area and how they can help nervous learners  – contact a member of our team