Car Tracks

Cars can be a symbol of freedom, individuality and coming of age, as well as status symbols and a way […]

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Happy Drivers Index

Have you ever wondered what cars are making their owners happiest? Bill Plant Driving School’s Happy Drivers Index has looked into just that.

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The Driving Test Index

Have you ever wondered the best place to pass your driving test? Or the UK driving test centre with the longest wait times? We’ve done the research for you.

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Car-Inspired Baby Names

Have you ever wondered which car brands and models have inspired the most baby names in the UK? Well Bill Plant Driving School have done the research!

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Pothole Report 2022

Where is the pothole capital of Britain? Potholes are a blight on tarmacked roads, characterised by depressions and cracks in […]

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England’s Best Roads

If you are a regular commuter on England’s crowded roads and highways, you’ll appreciate smooth road surfaces that are free […]

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Car Brand Earnings Report

It should come as no surprise that the team here at Bill Plant Driving School love anything and everything car-related! […]

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Disqualified Drivers

When individuals learn to drive, there are a number of steps they need to take in order to pass their […]

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UK’s Roadwork Capitals

Whether you’ve been driving for a long time, use public transport, or still taking driving lessons, we’ve all encountered roadworks […]

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Driving Power

The cars of choice for the world’s most powerful Being a world leader requires a huge amount of travel. From […]

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