Image of Adam J
Adam J
Head Driving Instructor

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Image of Dan Hunt
Dan Hunt
Head of Bookings

As the Head of Bookings at Bill Plant Driving School, Dan manages an outstanding Bookings team who match our students with Driving Instructors who will help them maximise their potential behind the wheel! Dan and the team go above and beyond to ensure that you have the best experience possible with our driving school.

Image of Dave Leverton
Dave Leverton
Academy Director

Dave is our Academy Director, and he is responsible for the effective operation of the Bill Plant Training Academy. He ensures our training at every level is the best in the industry. Before joining Bill Plant as Academy Director in 2023, Dave actually trained to become a Driving Instructor with us, and was a franchisee for 3 years!

He’s a fully qualified ADI and Level 7 qualified coach who is a lifetime member of the International Institute of Coaching & Mentoring.

Image of Elizabeth Atkinson
Elizabeth Atkinson
Customer Service Manager

Elizabeth has been the Customer Service Manager at Bill Plant for 4 years now. Elizabeth and the rest of the Customer Service team do a fantastic job at dealing with customer enquires, solving customer complaints, and gaining valuable insight on the experience that our learner drivers have with us. She does an excellent job in ensuring that us, as an award-winning driving school, maintain our standards that have seen us collect such accolades like National Driving School of the Year for two years running!

Image of Matt Thomas
Matt Thomas
Fleet Director

Matt is the Fleet Director, here at Bill Plant Driving School, and he’s been with us for over 10 years now! He is responsible for all vehicle-related areas of the school, including providing our Instructors with fully maintained high-quality vehicles, fleet safety, and coordinating our partnerships with external fleet providers. Alongside our achievements at the Intelligent Instructor Awards, like National Driving School of the Year, Matt has also contributed massively towards our success in being highly commended for Excellence in Fleet Safety and Fleet of the Year at the Fleet News Awards 2024.

Image of Nicole Bond
Nicole Bond
Head of Training Support

As the Head of Training Support at Bill Plant Driving School, Nicole is responsible for managing the diaries of our Instructor trainers, overseeing the departmental budget, streamlining the throughput of the training academy, and leading the Training Support Team. She has been with us for 6 years now, dedicating her expertise to ensure the smooth and efficient operation of our training academy.

Image of Owen Deighton
Owen Deighton
Marketing Executive

Owen’s our Digital Marketing Executive, and he’s been with us for almost 6 months now. Owen has a great eye for detail and he manages our online platforms, providing you with fun, informative content to help you on your driving journey! He helps create tonnes of short tutorials that you can use in your driving lessons. Feel free to check out our social media or read some of our latest blogs!

Image of Paul Wrigglesworth
Paul Wrigglesworth
Senior Training Manager

Paul is the Senior Training Manager, here at Bill Plant Driving School. He’s been with us for 10 years now and the experience and knowledge he’s learnt in his 24 years as an Approved Driving Instructor, is leant on by everyone in the business! He’s the guru for all things driving related, which is showcased through his RoSPA Advanced Driving Gold Award. Paul designs and leads award-winning training programs, recruits and mentors new Instructor trainees, and keeps our teaching to the highest standards. His expertise and passion for driving, creates positive training experiences for all trainees going through our Academy.

Image of Ruxandra Iorga
Ruxandra Iorga
Head of Instructor Support

Ruxandra is our Head of Instructor Support and has been with us for 8 years now. Ruxandra oversees our entire franchise of Driving Instructors and helps us deliver driving lessons of the highest standards! She provides direct line management to a team of dedicated Relationship Managers to ensure Bill Plant Driving School’s Instructors are fully supported with professional guidance, feel continuously valued as franchisees and retained through a combination of franchise development initiatives and excellent levels of customer service. Rux has been with Bill Plant Driving School for 8 years now and she’s helped guide our team of Driving Instructors to winning the National Driving School of the Year on 4 occasions in the last 6 years!

Image of Theo Tucker
Theo Tucker
Project Director

Theo’s been the Project Director for around 7 years now, building up a super high level of knowledge and experience within the driving school industry! He’s single-handedly created almost every article on our website, with his passion for sharing his knowledge with learner drivers. Aside from his passion on driving education, Theo’s also got a great amount of expertise in marketing and content writing, which is shone through his blogs of the highest quality!

Image of Tom Hixon
Tom Hixon
Head of PDI Success

Tom’s one of the longest-serving members of the Bill Plant family, he’s been with us for over 15 years and has now taken over a new role as Head of PDI Success. After enjoying a long spell as Head of Instructor Support, Tom’s now moved over to a role where he can ensure that all our Driving Instructor trainees have a clear understanding of the requirements and expectations we have of them as a representative of our award-winning academy. This includes giving them information regarding our franchise and how it benefits Instructors over going independent and creating an extensive amount of content to prepare them for life as a PDI with Bill Plant and beyond!

Image of Tom Ward
Tom Ward
Commercial Director

Tom’s the Commercial Director at Bill Plant, he\’s taken on this role after previously being our Head of Marketing. Tom’s got a vast amount of experience working in marketing within the automotive industry. With 10+ years of being the Head of Digital at a vehicle manufacturer, Tom’s been a great asset to us.