Training Support Updates

Training Support Updates due to Coronavirus – 23rd February

As we continue to assess and respond to the impacts of Coronavirus (COVID-19), we are closely monitoring the Government Guidelines and if any advice changes, we will update this page accordingly.

Training Support Contact
Should you need any guidance please do not hesitate to contact the Training Support team via email
[email protected] or by calling 01765 645023. 

12noon, 23rd February
Please find a Training Support Update –

10am, 4th November
Please find the link to an update from the Head of Training Support following the new national lockdown in England –

2pm, 8th May
Please find the link to the Trainee Update from the Head of Instructor Support at Bill Plant Driving School –

2pm, 1st May
Here’s is the last in our instalment of Trainer’s Top Tips with guidance on how to ace your Part 2 and Part 3 ADI Tests –

5pm, 23rd April
Please find the link to our fourth instalment of our Trainer’s Top Tips –

5pm, 16th April
Here’s the third instalment of our Trainer’s Top Tips article –

2pm, 9th April
Please find our latest Trainer’s Top Tips article, this week on Risk Management – here is the link –

2pm, 3rd April
Over the next few weeks, the Training Team at Bill Plant Driving School will be giving tips and advice on various topics connected with the Part 1, 2 and 3. Please find this week’s relating to Top Tips for Lesson Planning.

4pm, 2nd April
The DIA has published a Q&A session it undertook with the DVSA. They have published a useful set of FAQs to address key questions and concerns around the impact of Coronavirus for Driving Instructors . Here is the link to the DVSA Q&A – via the DIA website.

Practical and Theory Tests
The DVSA has suspended all theory tests currently, up to April 20th, Practical Driving Tests are currently suspended for 3 months.

If your Test has been affected by this and the DVSA has contacted you to cancel a test date please inform the Training Support Team if you haven’t already done so.

Training Courses and in car training
Bill Plant Driving School have suspended all Training Courses and in car Training until the end of April. All those booked on to courses during these dates have been contacted. As soon as we know when it is safe to resume training we will update all of our Trainees, those booked onto courses which were meant to take place between 23rd March to 1st May will be contacted first to re-arrange dates. If you are booking a Test Date and need to book onto a course please contact the Training Support Team to check course availability before booking a Test date to follow the completion of your course.

Training during Covid-19
All trainees at Part 1 (Theory and Hazard Perception Test) can continue to use this time where possible to study using your DTS Anytime subscription and be ready for when you can book a Theory Test.

All Trainees please keep a look out for weekly communication, we will be sending out helpful tips of how to keep practising and prepping where possible over the next few weeks so that when we are able to resume Training you’re ready to smash it.

Q&A on PDI Licences 

  1. Are any new trainee licences being issued at this time?
    The DVSA are currently recommending delaying the start date of any new applications until 8th June. Of course, that date may change, either earlier or later, depending on government advice. The DVSA can hold your application and issue the licence at a later date. 
  2. Would a PDI still be able to apply for a 2nd licence should they need to? If not will they be given an extension to their current licence?
    The DVSA have no powers to extend a Trainee Licence, they can accept the application and the normal processes will apply, including requiring an explanation why you have been unable to use your first licence.  
  3. If a Part 3 Test has been cancelled by the DVSA and the trainee’s 2 year window is due to expire in the next 3 months, will an extension of time be granted until a new test date is given?
    There is no provision in legislation to allow an extension to the Part 1 pass date. However, the requirement is that an application is made before the expiry of the Part 1 pass, not that the test is passed. If you had a Part 3 Test booked, which has been cancelled, your booking will remain on hold until such time as DVSA is in a position to conduct tests.
  4. What happens if someone wants to apply for the trainee licence but can’t until further notice & their 40 hours (ADI 21T) expire within this time?
    See Question 1 answer.
  5. What happens if a PDI (on a Trainee Licence) is forced to go over their 3 month deadline for the completing the additional 20 hours Training?
    No decision has yet been made by the DVSA.
  6. What will happen with the appeals processes for 2nd Trainee Licence Applications?
    Appeals are dealt with independently by the General Regulatory Council.

If the above doesn’t answer your question please contact the DVSA directly at [email protected].

Should you need any guidance please do not hesitate to contact the Training Support team via email [email protected] or by calling 01765 645023