Instructor Support Update – 3rd July

Instructor Support Update – 3rd July

Driving lessons resumption
We are delighted that the majority of the driving school will restart teaching from tomorrow. This has been an extremely difficult period for us all but given this major step, we can now start to look forward positively to a successful return. We are eagerly waiting to hear more on lockdown review measures in both Scotland and Wales on 9th July.

For those teaching tomorrow, our Marketing Team would love for you to submit photos and videos throughout the day to [email protected], whether that be Instagram ready images of your vehicle and aspects relating to your driving lessons, or a Boomerang placing the top box back on.

We have a packed day of scheduled marketing activity spanning printed and online press, radio coverage, search and social media advertising alongside plenty of content for a refreshed website.  

As a reminder, here is the pupil-facing link on driving lesson safety –

Good luck and all the best to everyone starting back tomorrow!

The “new normal” for lesson offers and pupil pre-payments
As we detailed in last week’s communications, our new pupil pre-payment system will commence from tomorrow alongside removing the First Hour Free promotion.  

Please find below, a link to the comprehensive guide to the new Bill Plant Driving School pupil pre-payment system. We will send a copy of this in the post to you all, starting from next week.

Alongside updating the content on the website to reflect these changes, we have refreshed the design of the homepage and location pages to further optimise our booking conversion rate and search engine rankings. Further updates are planned for the website in the coming weeks alongside updated printed materials.

We trust that it proves successful and benefits both your individual businesses and the driving school as a whole.

Go safely
Whilst we appreciate that you will want to get back to a full day’s work as quickly as possible, please be mindful that road and driver conditions may have changed since you and your pupils were last together.

In some major cities you may find that roads have been closed off to allow cafes and pubs to serve their customers on the street. The volume of traffic may also be different to what you are familiar with, some road users may be in a heightened level of stress, and (naturally after a prolonged break) it would be understandable that your (and your pupils) energy and concentration levels may be different.

Please be mindful of these conditions, take regular breaks (along with regular cleansing of your vehicle) to help avoid fatigue.

If you are involved in an incident on the road, please ensure you report it as soon as possible to our Accident Helpline. Their helpline number is 0330 055 5980. Should you find that you are unable to get through on this number, they may be experiencing more calls than usual, an alternative number is 0344 856 2260.

Instructor Support
As ever, we are here for you, please contact your Relationship Manager in the Instructor Support Team on 01765 643374 should you need any assistance.

We continue to do all we can to support our Instructors, Trainers, Trainees, Staff and Pupils.

Have a great weekend all!

Kind regards

Tom Hixon
Head of Instructor Support