Instructor Support Update – 14th December

Instructor Support Update – 14th December


Gift Vouchers
Driving Lesson gift vouchers are proving extremely popular as we approach the festive period. As part of Bill Plant Driving School’s pupil prepayment system, we will continue to promote and sell these on your behalf using your current lesson prices and block booking deals.

When receiving this kind of pupil booking, within the text it will state:

  • The learner’s name and address
  • The words “Gift Voucher”
  • The amount the buyer has paid
  • A Reference Number for the voucher
  • Expiry Date of the voucher

In most cases, the buyer will have purchased gift vouchers for a friend or family member as a present, therefore once you receive the text message for a gift voucher purchase, it will not include the learner’s phone number or email address. Instead, once the learner has received their gift voucher from the buyer, they will thereafter get in touch with you directly using your contact details which are displayed on the gift voucher.

Please only verify these payments once you have spoken to the learner, who will contact you directly to arrange their driving lessons.

If for any reason you deem it appropriate to extend the expiry date of the gift voucher, this can be discussed with the learner driver directly.