Mistakes may occur during driving lessons

Mistakes may occur during driving lessons


Here at Bill Plant Driving School we want to ensure you successfully pass your driving test with minimum fuss and hassle.

driving lesson safety

During any practical training mistakes can and may happen; driving lessons are no different. If you’re learning to drive you are bound to make mistakes at first.  Furthermore, even after you’ve passed your test you’ll find yourself making minor errors for the first few months, everyone does it!

We’ve been alerted of a recent incident picked up in the press whereby a pupil mistake has been captured via a driver’s dash cam and published online.  Whilst a mistake clearly has occurred the incident quickly resolved itself.

Peter Brabin, Head of Training at Bill Plant Driving School commented “Mistakes can and may happen during driving lessons. In relation to the incident captured, purely going off the dash cam video, it is naturally hard to know exactly what occurred within our clearly branded tuition vehicle.

Our driving instructor, equipped with dual controls, has to make a safety decision based on the prevailing situation to keep the pupil, themselves and other road users as safe as possible.  Once the fault occurred, the course of action taken could easily have been the safest option within the various outcomes especially based upon the position of the white van. Whilst this incident does highlight human error from the pupil, this does demonstrates the need and skill provided by our trained driving instructor at Bill Plant Driving School”.

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