Learner & New Driver Insurance

Receive over £100 worth of breakdown and legal cover FOR FREE, when you start a policy with our exclusive Learner & New Driver Insurance Partner, MyFirst

Receive £100 worth of cover for FREE

Bill Plant Driving School are delighted to engage in a market-leading partnership with MyFirst, its exclusive recommended Learner & New Driver Insurance Partner.

Our mutual aim is to provide customers excellent value, with several different policies covering both learners and new drivers, including a lenient telematics policy. As part of this partnership, Bill Plant Driving School’s students will receive £100 worth of breakdown and legal cover for FREE. To claim your discount code, simply ask your Instructor for their MyFirst referral code.

MyFirst is regarded as an industry leader and has worked closely with many individual Bill Plant Driving School learners and Instructors, over many years, to great mutual success.


*You must call them within the first 5 working days of your policy start-date to claim your free Breakdown & Legal Cover*

Learner & New Driver Insurance

Regardless of whether you may be currently learning to drive or whether you’ve just aced your practical test, the world of driving is both thrilling and full of new experiences. Despite the newfound independence that students can realise from getting out on the road, unfortunately, many are typically stuck with an expensive start.

Car insurance in particular, is often viewed as being an expensive, but necessary outlay for those who are relatively new to the road. Legally, all drivers must have a form of car insurance in the UK. If you’re only driving alongside Driving Instructors in a provided tuition vehicles, car insurance is not required on your part.

Please do note that if you intend to undertake even a small amount of extra sessions outside your lessons, for example, using a a friend’s or family member’s car, then you must acquire learner insurance!

More commonly however, insurance will be required for once you have passed your test. Those new to driving have a statistically greater chance of experiencing driving incidents, especially when just starting out once they’ve qualified, and so they’ll generally be offered expensive premiums so that insurers’ can negate as much of that risk as possible.

MyFirst is one of the UK’s market leading specialists when it comes to car insurance for new drivers and is extremely highly rated throughout the industry. With excellent reviews and customer care, MyFirst will work alongside you, offering a personalised service focused on lowering your premiums and finding you the best price, regardless of whether you’ve just purchased that all important first vehicle or carrying out your driving lessons.

That’s why the team at Bill Plant Driving School have partnered with MyFirst, as we share a mutual desire to ensure that car insurance for young drivers becomes both far more affordable and accessible, with the appropriate level of cover and protection to meet the needs of the UK’s growing driver market.

**MyFirst are responsible for insurance advice and the arrangement of the insurance policy. Bill Plant Driving School are responsible for introducing only and do not provide insurance advice in any way.**