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    Learn to drive in Birmingham

    Learning to navigate Birmingham’s busy road network can be a daunting experience for a driving student. After all, the city is home to the famous ‘Spaghetti Junction’ interchange. We offer driving lessons across the city, from Great Barr and Sutton Coldfield to Perry Barr and Sheldon. If you want to become a confident driver and navigate Birmingham’s hectic roads, you’ll need to learn from the best, and Bill Plant Driving School is the premier driving school for driving lessons in Birmingham.

    A reputation for success in Birmingham and nationwide

    With a reputation for success, we’re passionate about delivering a driving tuition service that our customers can trust. In fact, 96% of our learner drivers say they’d be happy to recommend us to friends and family who want to book a driving lesson. Birmingham residents who book with us can also benefit from receiving tuition from the school that was voted National Driving School of the Year in 2019.

    Flexible, reliable Birmingham driving instructors

    Whether you live in the city centre or surrounding areas like Edgbaston or Selly Oak, you’ll be taught by an instructor who has an unrivalled knowledge of the local roads and test routes. We also offer flexible lesson times, with evening and weekend slots available.

    Our high-quality vehicles chosen to make driving lessons easier

    You’ll be learning to drive in a top-class VW Golf or T-Roc. All of the vehicles in our fleet are regularly checked and maintained, to ensure you’ll always be safe behind the wheel.

    Great value for money

    We charge a highly competitive rate for our lessons and even offer discounts for block bookings. Give us a call today and we’ll let you know about the offers we have available, so you’ll get the chance to road-test Bill Plant Driving School’s highly professional service at very affordable prices.

    Test Centre Locations in Birmingham

    There are driving test centres across Birmingham, from the very centre of the city to its greener suburbs. Our local Birmingham driving instructors can be found across the city and will help you prepare for your driving test at the test centre that you choose.

    Our Birmingham driving lesson will help prepare you for the test but are designed to make you a confident driver once you pass. Our goal is to help all our students become confident drivers.

    Familiarity is pivotal when it comes to driving, especially for a learner driver, so make sure your instructor takes you in and around the area where you will be undertaking your driving test.

    Garretts Green Test Centre

    Pass Rate42.9%
    AddressGranby Avenue Garretts Green Birmingham B33 0SD
    Disabled AccessN/A

    Kings Heath Test Centre

    Pass Rate43.6%
    Address955 Alcester Road South Birmingham B14 5JA
    Disabled AccessYes

    Kingstanding Test Centre

    Pass Rate36.2%
    Address205 Birdbrook Road Kingstanding Birmingham B44 9UL
    Disabled AccessYes
    Anything you need to know?
    Tips from our instructors.
    It is located just next to the Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses, and the test centre has parking available (although be careful as this follows a one-way system). Kingstanding has many dual carriageways that change the speed from 40mph to 30mph and back to 40mph again. Practising these areas will allow you to forward plan and avoid missing one of those speed limit changes.

    Shirley Test Centre

    Pass Rate51.1%
    Address401 Stratford Road Shirley Solihull B90 4AA
    Disabled AccessYes

    Sutton Coldfield Test Centre

    Pass Rate36.3%
    Address110 - 116 Boldmere Road Sutton Coldfield B73 5UB
    Disabled AccessYes

    South Yardley Test Centre

    Pass Rate34.6%
    AddressClay Lane South Yardley B26 1EA
    Disabled AccessYes

    Wyndley Test Centre

    Pass Rate52.8%
    AddressWyndley Test Centre Wyndley Leisure Centre Clifton Rd Sutton Coldfield B73 6EN
    Disabled AccessN/A

    Find Driving Lessons with Bill Plant Driving School

    Find driving lessons with Bill Plant Driving School.

    Bill Plant Driving School will have you driving the roads of Birmingham with confidence. Learn to drive with us today!

    Driving Lessons

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    Driving Lessons in Birmingham FAQs

    How much do driving lessons cost in Birmingham?

    Our Birmingham driving lessons vary depending on your location and instructor. Bill Plant Driving School offers a regional pricing model that provides affordable driving lessons in Birmingham and you’ll find bulk booking discounts available.

    Do you teach driving test routes in Birmingham?

    Typically test routes are not publicly available. The DVSA’s main mission is to promote ‘safe driving for life’, and this is something we agree with. To support this, our driving lessons do include the Birmingham test area. Our main focus will always be on improving your overall familiarity with the roads in Birmingham and your driving skills. Your driving instructor will take you on lessons through areas around your test centre in Birmingham, helping you to learn any potential routes. However, this is part of the wider journey of learning to drive. There is no guarantee that particular routes will come up during your driving test, which is why the main focus is on improving driving skills.

    Which Birmingham test centre should I choose?

    We recommend taking your test near where you live for a number of reasons. It’s better if you pass in an environment similar to the roads you’ll be driving on regularly. If you want to take your test at a different centre, talk to your instructor. They may be able to offer advice on the best test centre in Birmingham and help you prepare.

    Roundabouts in Birmingham

    Mastering complex roundabouts is vital because Birmingham’s test centres have at least one multi-exit complex roundabout. For example, the Maypole roundabout has 5 exits with multiple lanes when you are both approaching and exiting.

    Local roads in Birmingham

    Birmingham is one of the UK’s most densely populated cities, and so it is recommended to have your lessons in 2-hour blocks because a part of your driving lessons may be in heavy traffic. According to statistics released by the Department for Transport,the A34 northbound from Robin Hood Lane and southbound to Shaftmoor Lane has some of the busiest roads in Birmingham, which are best avoided in peak times. We would also recommend leaving plenty of time driving from your pick-up point to the test area can take up to 40 minutes depending on traffic levels. An hour lesson would give you enough time to drive to and around the test area, in addition to travelling back.

    However, there are some quieter roads for beginners to practice on, such as Shutlock Lane, which loops around Highbury park and Edgbaston Park Road, which are a lot less congested than the roads we have previously mentioned.

    The latter is extremely popular with students from the University of Birmingham because it circles the Vale village.

    Motorways in Birmingham

    Unlike most major cities in the UK, Birmingham does not have a single orbital motorway. Instead, three motorways form a box that surrounds most of the city. These are the:

    • M42
    • M5
    • M6

    This group of motorways also includes the world-famous ‘Spaghetti Junction’ – aptly nicknamed in 1965, due to the sheer number of roads that make up the junction. It is vital that any learner becomes familiar with these roads in order to successfully navigate driving in Birmingham; however, it is worth ensuring you first have some experience under your belt before taking on these more challenging roads.