What is the Pass Plus Scheme

What is the Pass Plus Scheme


How Pass Plus Training Works

The Pass Plus scheme was set up by the DVSA as an additional driving qualification for members of the public to complete once they have passed their practical driving test. It covers several elements, many of which you might not necessarily cover in your driving lessons. The overall goal is to make you a safer driver by improving your driving ability, which can prove invaluable when you become an independent driver.
  The Pass Plus scheme is not mandatory to undertake, but can help to lower your insurance costs once completed. The course must be carried out with an Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) who is registered with the DVSA to deliver Pass Plus. It can be taken at any time but it is recommended to be taken within a year of passing your driving test in order to get a discount on your car insurance and further driving experience at the time that you will most need it – having begun driving independently

What does the Pass Plus scheme cover?

Pass Plus training covers 6 fundamental modules, all of which involve practical driving. The modules that are covered are typically taught over a one hour period, meaning a total of 6 hours. These sessions enable learners to develop a better all-round understanding of different driving scenarios, and are listed as follows:

Motorway driving

It is fair to say that motorway driving ranks amongst the highest concerns for new drivers and it is not hard to see why. Larger lanes and cars flying all around you at great speeds can naturally cause some anxiety for recently qualified drivers. While some people may have already experienced motorway driving within their driving lessons, it is always best to get in more practice. Motorways have the highest speed limits of any roads in the UK and make up the major connecting points for drivers between major cities.

Dual Carriageways

Like motorway driving, some learners will have covered dual carriageways as part of their driving lessons, however for many this will be area dependent. The module gives drivers greater practical experience entering and exiting dual carriageways using slip roads, while developing their understanding of the distances drivers should keep from one another. Drivers will also learn when and how to overtake other vehicles and how to manage overall lane discipline while on dual carriageways.

Driving on country roads

Driving in the countryside entails a variety of risks not located in city areas, such as blind corners, animals in the road, and overtaking slower vehicles. This section will go over  where to pass other road users safely and what to do if you come across sharp corners, horse riders, bicycles, agricultural vehicles, or debris in the road.

Driving at night

If you are someone who learnt to drive and passed their driving test during the summer months then driving in the dark may seem alien to you. The Pass Plus scheme will help you gain experience driving in conditions where you have reduced visibility as well as teach you when and how to correctly use your car’s lights, so that you are not a risk to yourself or other road users.

Town driving

As the majority of drivers will have experienced town driving to some degree, this module can be invaluable in helping you to brush up on your observational skills and increase your awareness levels. You’ll learn how to negotiate difficult junctions, and tram, bus, and cycling lanes.

All-weather driving

This element of the course will help to show you how your car will behave in different weather conditions. For example, it will introduce you to the concept of skidding if you hit ice or aqua plain (when your wheels lose contact with the road due to water) and teach you how to overcome it. It also covers how your stopping distances and visibility will be affected in different weather conditions. 

How much does Pass Plus cost?

Pass plus schemes can vary from instructor to instructor but the average cost is around £180 – £200 for 6 hours of driving (£30 to £33 per hour). There are councils that provide discounts on pass plus courses to help make their residents safer drivers.

Is there a test for Pass Plus?

There is no final test or exam that you need to sit for your Pass Plus! You will simply be assessed by your driving instructor there and then while you are completing your training. You will have to reach a required standard on each module, which is broken down into the following graded categories: “achieved” and “exceeded.” Having done so, you will receive a training report from your driving instructor which will need to be signed by both parties. This report can then be sent off directly to the DVSA at [email protected]. in order to receive a Pass Plus certificate.

Pass Plus discount on insurance

Discounts can greatly differ but the annual average is between £80 – £150 per year. It is important to note that not all insurance providers will offer you a reduction and even if they do, the value will likely vary on a case by case basis. Some insurers for example may not give you any discount if you do not complete your Pass Plus course within the first year of passing your test. To get a discount on your insurance you will need to provide your insurers with a copy of your Pass Plus certificate. They may also ask you for a copy of the training report itself to show that you have reached the required standard for each module.