Vote for Bill Plant Driving School

Vote for Bill Plant Driving School


We are delighted to state Bill Plant Driving School has been shortlisted in the Intelligent Instructor Awards to retain our National Driving School of the Year award.

This year, in a new format, the winner will be decided by achieving the highest combined ranking from two voting methods: an independent judging panel and the voting public.

To vote for Bill Plant Driving School please follow this link –

Why vote for Bill Plant Driving School. 2020 Highlights

Whilst we’re sure that most of us are excited to leave 2020 behind once and for all, we wanted to take a moment to celebrate some of the good parts of the year for Bill Plant Driving School – from major milestones, new initiatives, and memorable positive community actions.

Highest-Rated Driving School

Bill Plant Driving School remains the highest-rated national driving school on Trustpilot with a 4.5 “Excellent” rating.

Online Theory Driving Lessons

13 business days after the UK was put into lockdown, Bill Plant Driving School launched Online Theory Lessons. Instructors led video-conference lessons via the quickly created bespoke online learning platform.

Adapting to COVID-19

New national COVID driving lesson procedures ensured pupils could learn and drive safely.

Road Safety Campaigning

Bill Plant Driving School led continual support to Road Safety messages throughout 2020, with the below campaign in association with the Bedfordshire Road Safety Partnership bringing 150,000+ digital reach.

Key Worker Driving Lessons and Test Passes

Effective SEO marketing activity resulted in Bill Plant Driving School ranking number 1 Google rank for “key worker driving lessons resulting in 10,000+ new website visitors.

Support for Instructors

Throughout the national lockdowns, the business communicated over 60 updates across video and web platforms.

Morale boosting interactive Zoom family fun quizzes were organised for Instructors and Head Office staff.

Marketing Success

Record levels of post-lockdown marketing resulted in 2/3’s of Bill Plant Driving School Instructors being fully booked in 2020!

Bill Plant Driving School received a 56% increase in Pupil Enquiries in 2020, helped by the introduction of location-based Paid Social ads.

Positive Mental Health Messages

Positive and reassuring post-lockdown messaging helped to psychologically reassure returning pupils.

New Marketing Initiatives

With 1,000,000+ impression reach, Bill Plant Driving School’s newly launched TikTok channel helped to engage and reach new audiences.

Supporting Equality

Equal Opportunities messages from the likes of BLM & International Women’s Day were supported.

Volunteering and Community Acts

Throughout the initial national lockdown our Instructors across the UK led volunteering and community acts. Peter Brabin, our Head of Training, proudly led volunteering efforts, in the fight against Coronavirus, at Bill Plant Driving School. He became certified as a NHS Volunteer and delivered medical supplies in his local area.

Market-leading PR activity

2,500+ pieces of PR coverage in 2020 including national TV features on Sky, BBC and ITV News.

Parkathon App

Bill Plant Driving School’s “Parkathon App” has provided fun and high pupil engagement throughout the various COVID lockdowns in 2020.

Driving Fitness Partnership

Helping Instructors stay fit, focused and flexible with our Driving Fitness partnership. More to follow on this in 2021…

Celebrating Long-Service

Nottingham-based Stuart Lockwood celebrated 15 years service with Bill Plant Driving School

Colour our Car Competition

Our colour our car competition engaged the whole family during the initial national lockdown and extend the brand to all ages. The winner will be announced in 2021 when schools are back open!