The Benefits of Learning with a Female Driving Instructor

The Benefits of Learning with a Female Driving Instructor


If you’re at the beginning of your driving journey then you’re likely to have your head deep in The Highway Code, along with reviews of various driving instructors and driving schools. As well as being technically prepared, you’ll want to know that the instructor you are going to learn to drive with is reliable, knowledgeable, patient and professional before commiting, as well as someone you’re going to have a good relationship with – you’re going to be spending lots of time with them after all! 

With that in mind, you might be wondering whether to opt for a female driving instructor. While all driving instructors will be trained to the same high quality standards, and will provide the same great tuition, there may be some potential benefits of a female driving instructor for some people – for example, if you wanted to learn with a female instructor for religious, cultural or personal reasons. 

That’s why any good driving school, such as Bill Plant Driving School, should give you the option to discreetly request a female driving instructor, if that’s something you wish to do. There won’t be any judgement or questions asked – we’ll simply do our best to find an instructor that suits your needs. 

But what might be the benefits of a female driving instructor for some people? Let’s dive a little bit deeper into why someone might want to request a female instructor to guide them on their learn-to-drive journey.

Can you request to learn to drive with a female instructor?

Driving instructors of any gender can work successfully and competently in their fields. Their credentials, knowledge, techniques of instruction, and the rapport they build with their students are what really count. 

Depending on their personal comfort levels or preferred learning method, some students might feel more at ease or have a preference for a female instructor. Although this can vary from person to person, learners are able to request a female driving instructor if they wish to. 

At Bill Plant, our instructors strive to be the best in the industry, with years of experience, knowledge and capabilities, you’re sure to find a driving instructor you can rely on to get you over the finish line.

Why might someone request a female driving instructor?

Driving can be a scary concept for anyone taking the wheel for the first time. That’s why many learners want to make sure everything is set up exactly to their preference. And, for some, this could mean appointing a female driving instructor. 

Regardless of gender, a driving instructor’s abilities and efficacy can differ. Fortunately, all our instructors at Bill Plant Driving School undergo the same rigorous training to provide you with a safe, comfortable and happy driving experience – aiding you on the road to success. 

After all, a driving instructor’s effectiveness is subjective, and may vary based on student needs and preferences. When choosing a driving instructor, it’s a good idea to do your homework and take into account aspects like their reputation, reviews, and teaching style rather than making the choice based purely on gender.

There are ways people can find female specific driving schools and instructors – so you won’t be searching for long when looking for the perfect driving instructor. 

Benefits of learning to drive with a female instructor

Being an effective driving instructor requires a number of talents, including knowledge, teaching methods, communication abilities, and personal traits like tolerance and empathy.

As stated, the reasons for requesting a female driving instructor falls down to the individual. Below are some of the reasons that could influence someone’s choice and some benefits of female driving instructors: 

  • Religious and cultural reasons: Due to religious or cultural factors, some people – particularly women – may feel more at ease learning to drive with a female instructor. They might feel more comfortable talking to someone of the same gender about their worries or asking them questions about driving-related subjects.
  • Feeling more confident: Some people, especially those who lack confidence or have had unpleasant experiences in the past, might prefer a female instructor to ease them back into the intimidating world of learning to drive. If they are particularly anxious about driving, some believe that appointing a female instructor could make the process less daunting, by having someone they can relate to more easily. 
  • Personal preference: Ultimately, just as some people could have preferences for other areas of their learning process, other people may simply have a personal preference for a female driving teacher. This could have come from prior successful experiences or referrals from friends and relatives.

If any of these relate to you, then you might want to explore the idea of hiring a female ADI to help you pass your driving test. If you’re feeling nervous about learning to drive, take a look at our tips for your first driving lesson to get even more prepared.

What are Bill Plant Driving School instructors like?

Bill Plant Driving School instructors are qualified, understanding, and helpful. As you go along the learning process, your driving abilities and confidence will be developed as our instructors guide you through the programme at your own speed. Our ultimate goal is to help you become confident and secure behind the wheel so you can pass your test easily and stay safe on the roads. 

Bill Plant Driving School instructors will quickly develop your abilities and confidence, and, regardless of their gender, they want you to be a success first time! 

How can I request a female driving instructor?

Whatever you need to put your mind at ease, we guarantee you a positive experience with Bill Plant Driving School. So, whether you’re looking for a female or male driving instructor, our team is here to help you secure the right instructor and help you pass with flying colours.

We offer an array of services that aid your confidence, and make you a more competent driver over the course of your learning journey and beyond. So whether you’re after automatic driving lessons, or want to embark on a pass plus course, look no further than Bill Plant Driving School. 


Can you ask for a female driving instructor?

If you feel that appointing a female driving instructor is the best choice for you or someone you know that is learning to drive, then you shouldn’t have any issues. Most driving schools will allow you to request a female driving instructor, however, the outcome depends on the availability of instructors at the time of request. 

How common are female driving instructors?

The ADI registration had 39,081 female driving instructors in the UK, as of January 2023. 

Can I change my driving instructor?

You can. We recommend sticking it out for a bit to gauge the relationship, as there are many factors that could lead you to believe your instructor is not right for you. Ranging from general anxieties about driving, to being out of your comfort zone. Give it time and see if a relationship forms, if not, get in touch with someone who can help you. 

How do I know if my driving instructor is good?

Do your homework before reaching out; read up on reviews of individuals and driving schools. Some driving instructors will offer you a taster session, which is highly recommended as you’re going to be investing a lot of time and money into the process – you’ll need to have an instructor that you are comfortable with. 

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