What to take with you for your Practical Driving Test

What to take with you for your Practical Driving Test


what do you need for driving test

What You Need On Driving Test Day

Your Practical Driving Test is here! Your driving examiner is finishing his or her coffee and awaiting your arrival – don’t forget the important bits!

The day of your driving test has arrived and it’s only natural that as a learner driver you will feel nervous. Remember that your Bill Plant Driving Instructor is there to support you and would not have advised you to take your driving test if they did not feel you were ready. You have been under expert guidance and you are more than ready. Your instructor believes that you are ready to take AND PASS your driving test and has every confidence in you!

Some people prefer to have a driving lesson with their instructor an hour or so before the test, this not only helps to calm those ‘driving test day nerves’ but gets you used to driving a car before the test commences.

This isn’t as silly as it sounds. You are already used to driving the car, it isn’t new and you have been driving it and executing those driving manoeuvres with ease for some time now, however, it boils back down to nerves. Most people benefit from taking at least an hour before the test to drive the car and become familiar in the instant with the car, helping them shed those last minute nerves that may be lingering. Talk to your instructor about booking the hour before your test and gauge their advice.

Your driving instructor will make sure you get to the test centre at least 15 minutes earlier than your driving test begins.

If you are still nervous ahead of your test, take a look at our top 10 tips to pass your test.


Provisional UK Driving licence

  • Your provisional licence must be signed. This is the same licence you showed your Driving Instructor on your First Driving Lesson. Your driving license serves as photographic proof of your identity. Please note that if you still have an old paper driving license you will need to bring a valid UK passport with you to prove your identity.

Pass certificate for your Theory Test

  • This must be within the two-year deadline from the date you passed the test. If you took your theory test over two years ago, your pass certificate is out of date and therefore you must re-sit your theory test

If you are still unsure about any aspect of your driving test day contact your instructor who will be able to help or contact our Driving School Customer Service Team.