Motorway Driving Lessons Can Cut Insurance Costs

Motorway Driving Lessons Can Cut Insurance Costs



The recent introduction of motorway driving lessons for learner drivers could have a positive effect on overall motor insurance premiums and increase on-road safety according to Alan Inskip, CEO of Tempcover Insurers.

Since 4th June 2018, learner drivers have been able to undertake motorway driving lessons at the discretion of their qualified instructor. Many argue this is a positive step from the recent changes made to the process of learning to drive. The experience of first taking to a motorway was previously something many drivers only experienced after passing their test. 

Having motorway lessons with a qualified instructor will teach the pupil how to safely enter and exit at motorway junctions, drive at higher speeds and understand all of the different signals used on motorways. All of this will give the learner driver a more broad experience of driving, hopefully improving confidence levels, leading to higher pass rates and better drivers.

This is where Inskip believes Insurance Premiums will be helped. He states that young drivers (17 – 19 years old) attract the biggest insurance premiums as they offer the biggest risk to insurers. It is believed a greater exposure to all kinds of driving environments will increase the safety and confidence of newly passed drivers. Increasing their abilities to react safely and efficiently at higher speeds should reduce accidents and help to lower insurance costs as a result.

Bill Plant Driving Lessons

Bill Plant – Motorway Driving Lessons

Since the introduction of Motorway Driving Lessons in June, many of the students who learn to drive with Bill Plant have taken advantage of gaining motorway experience. Every Bill Plant Driving Instructor is equipped with a dual control BMW or Volkswagen tuition vehicle meaning they have everything they need to provide motorway lessons should the student wish to take them.

To learn more about taking motorway driving lessons contact your Bill Plant Driving Instructor or get in touch with our central team to find your nearest qualified driving instructor – Call 0330 555 2254.

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