Why you are still seeing our vehicles on the road?

Why you are still seeing our vehicles on the road?

Teaching Key Worker

We’ve taken the unprecedented decision to postponed driving lessons across the UK due to COVID-19 Government advice. However, Bill Plant Driving School tuition vehicles will still be on UK roads as our nationwide Driving Instructors are both teaching driving lessons for key workers and also volunteering their time and/or car during the Coronavirus outbreak.

Volunteering. We are aware of many of our Driving Instructors offering assistance to their local community and also as part of the NHS Volunteering scheme typically delivering medicines and the urgently required medical supplies.

Who are key workers? Please find this blog post we have created on who are key workers and how the Government class as key workers. If you are a key worker requiring driving lessons to pass your driving test or wish to discuss our Volunteering efforts please call us on 0330 555 2254.

Thanks, Bill Plant Driving School