Driving Theory Test Centres In Leeds: Where Can You Take Your Test?

Driving Theory Test Centres In Leeds: Where Can You Take Your Test?


Passing your theory test is the first step toward becoming a fully qualified driver. If you’re based in Leeds, you’ve got plenty of options to choose from when booking a location for your theory test.

Check out the information below to find your nearest theory test centre. If you want to book your theory test soon, make sure to get your provisional licence ordered as soon as possible.

Leeds Driving Theory Test Centres

If you’re looking for a place to take your driving theory test, we have listed below the testing centres in Leeds that can help you become a qualified driver.

Leeds Theory Test Centre

Leeds Theory Test Centre is the city’s main driving theory location. The centre has a fantastic location right in the heart of Leeds, nestled into the Headrow. If you live in Leeds, then there’s no more convenient place in West Yorkshire to take your theory test.

The Leeds DVSA Theory Test Centre had a pass rate of 45.4% in 2020, which is just below the national average. However, you shouldn’t worry about pass rates for theory tests since the questions are standardised across all locations in the UK.


Ground Floor, Coverdale House, 13-15 East Parade,



Travel options

Getting to the Leeds Theory Test Centre is super easy and straightforward. Your best bet for the city centre is always public transport. The test centre is a short walk from Leeds train station and is close to the coach depot too. You can also catch a bus to the Headrow if you’re coming from somewhere else in the city.

If you’re travelling by car, then parking is going to be your biggest concern. The Light underground car park is close by and isn’t too expensive for a couple of hours. Albion Street is an alternative spot but is slightly more expensive.

Harrogate Theory Test Centre

For those who live North of Leeds, Harrogate might be a more convenient place to take the theory test. This test centre has a prime location on one of the main streets in Harrogate, meaning it’s very easy to access.

If you’re making a special trip to Harrogate for the theory test, we highly recommend taking a few hours to look around the town too. It’s a beautiful, historic part of West Yorkshire that is a joy to explore.


Second Floor, Scottsdale House, Springfield Avenue,



Travel options

This DVSA theory test centre is approximately half a mile away from the Harrogate train station. Plenty of buses are running along this route, with the Prince of Wales stop being the closest to the test centre.

Travelling to Harrogate by car is fairly straightforward during the week, but it can get a bit more stressful at the weekends. Harrogate is a popular tourist destination, so be sure to leave plenty of time to get there if you’re not taking the test on a weekday.

On the plus side, parking is relatively cheap in Harrogate. The West Park car park is probably your best option for the town centre and only costs £1 for a couple of hours of parking.

Bradford Theory Test Centre

The Bradford Theory Test Centre is situated on the outskirts of the town, which is a very accessible location for many budding learner drivers in West Yorkshire. For this reason, Bradford Test Centre is very popular and is constantly busy.

The pass rate at Bradford is slightly lower than nearby theory test centres, sitting at 40.2% in 2020. Again, there isn’t much to read into since the question banks are the same at all UK test centres.

If anything, the lower pass rates are down to the fact that so many people take the test every day, boosting the likelihood that some of them won’t be prepared.


Suite 1, Second Floor, Auburn House, Upper Piccadilly,



Travel options

As we’ve said, the Bradford Theory Test Centre is very easy to access. Driving is probably the most efficient way to get there. There’s street parking available right outside the test centre, but you’ll have to get there early to secure a spot. You can find the theory test centre address above.

If you’re going to be travelling via public transport, then you’ve got a couple of options. The test centre is right in the middle of Bradford’s two train stations and is around a 15-minute walk away from both. Buses are also available from Forster Interchange and Bradford Interchange if you’d prefer.

Huddersfield Theory Test Centre

Huddersfield is yet another West Yorkshire town that has a conveniently located theory test centre. It’s situated right on Market Street in the heart of the town, so it is very easy to get to. If you live to the southwest of Leeds, then the Huddersfield Test Centre might be your closest option.


Seventh Floor, Kirklees House, 30 Market Street,



Travel options

If you’re coming into Huddersfield by train, then the test centre is just a 10-minute walk from the central station. It’s even closer to the bus depot – around 5 mins away on foot. Public transport is typically the best way to access Huddersfield Town Centre.

However, travelling by car is definitely an option, and there are plenty of places to park close to Market Street. We’d actually recommend parking in the multi-storey next to the shopping centre. You can walk straight out of the shops onto Market Street from there.

What Does A Theory Test Consist Of?

The driving theory test comprises two parts: the multiple-choice section and the hazard perception test. You must pass both parts of the theory test to get an overall pass. If you fail one of the sections, you’ll have to retake both in the future.

The test is nothing to worry about, though! At Bill Plant Driving School, we help potential learners fully prepare for their theory test so they can confidently walk into the testing centre. With a little bit of practice, you’ll be able to nail the theory test easily.

Let’s take a closer look at each of the theory test parts:

1. Multiple choice questions

The multiple-choice section makes up the bulk of the test. During this section, you’ll be asked 50 different questions about road safety, vehicle maintenance and other important driving knowledge. For each question, you’ll be given several possible answers to choose from, one of them being the correct answer.

You’ll have around 50 minutes to answer the multiple-choice questions, so there’s definitely no need to rush. Those with reading difficulties can also apply for extra time if they need it.

The multiple-choice theory test pass mark is 43 out of 50.

2. Hazard perception

The final part of the theory test is hazard perception. Hazard perception is all about being able to recognise potential danger before it develops into something more serious. You’ll be shown a range of driving scenario videos and asked to click every time a new hazard appears on the screen.

This part might sound straightforward, but we’d highly recommend seeking some practice scenarios online before taking the test. This will help you work out exactly what is a hazard and what isn’t.

You’ll need to score 44 out of 75 points to be awarded a pass for this section.

What Do You Need To Book Your Theory Test?

To book your theory test, you must have lived in the UK for 185 days or more during the previous 12 months. You’ll also have to pay £23 to take the test and will need to have received your provisional driving licence before you book.

On the day of the test, you’ll need to bring your provisional licence to prove that you’re the one taking the test. It’s recommended that you arrive at the test centre 30 minutes before your scheduled exam to ensure you’ve got time to sign in.

Learn To Drive In Leeds With Bill Plant Driving School

Passing your theory test is the first step on one of the most exciting journeys of your life. Learning to drive should be an amazing experience, and with the right instructor by your side, that’s exactly what you’ll get.

When you’re ready to journey on to the next step, Bill Plant Driving School has you covered. In preparation for that all-important practical driving test, why not consider taking driving lessons in Leeds? And when you’re feeling confident enough, let us direct you to all the available practical driving test centres in Leeds. Bill Plant Driving School operates across Leeds, providing friendly, professional driving lessons for people of all ages. If you’re looking to get behind the wheel in West Yorkshire, don’t hesitate to contact us today.