Clarification on Private Driving Lessons during Lockdown 3

Clarification on Private Driving Lessons during Lockdown 3


Since Lockdown 3 was announced on 4th January we have sadly had to postpone driving lessons (again) due to COVID-19 restrictions. “Stay at home” orders are now once again in effect, meaning that people are only allowed to leave their homes for essential reasons.

Whilst our pupils, therefore, cannot have lessons with their Bill Plant Driving School Instructor they have been asking whether they can continue to practice with their parents or siblings, and there has been a bit of confusion on this matter.

As clarified by the DVSA (see tweet below), it is okay for a learner to practice driving as long as they are on an essential journey with members of your household or support bubble. It is not permissible to go for a drive just for practice, and if you are caught doing so you could be fined.

We hope that helps! Naturally, when it is safe to do so we will return offering driving lessons across England, Scotland and Wales. You can pre-book these lessons now by calling 0330 555 2254.

Stay safe, Bill Plant Driving School