Changes to the car theory test 2020

Changes to the car theory test 2020


The DVSA will introduce the planned changes to the car theory test on Monday 28 September 2020. These changes were postponed as the theory test service was closed on 20 March 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

What are the changes

The updated part of the test will make it more realistic and improve the accessibility for all candidates.

Video clip scenarios will replace the written case study within the multiple-choice part of the current theory test. Candidates will be asked 3 questions based on the short video clip. 

Candidates will still:

  • be asked 50 multiple-choice questions in total
  • need to get the same pass mark
  • be tested on the same content

Find out more about the changes on GOV.UK

Peter Brabin, Head of Training at Bill Plant Driving School, commented on the DVSA’s announcement surrounding the upcoming changes to the car theory test:

“The changes being implemented to the car theory test as of next Friday are fantastic as ultimately it gives it a greater sense of reality with the new video aspects. By taking away the written case study and replacing this with a short video clip, the theory test becomes far more accessible to people who may have previously struggled, or have been otherwise deterred from learning to drive because they saw this as a barrier.

“If anyone thinks this might make the test easier – it doesn’t. You still have to answer 50 multiple choice questions and score 43 out of 50 alongside the hazard perception part of the test too. It’s simply about improving the theory test  and making it accessible to all, not just most, which is vitally important.”

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