Pre-paying for driving lessons with Bill Plant Driving School Limited (‘BPDSL’ or ‘the Company’)

BPDSL offer clients the ability to purchase driving lessons with an individual Bill Plant Driving Instructor (‘the Instructor’) via the Company’s head office call centre. Payments can be made using a credit card or debit card by calling the Company on 0330 555 225.

Please note, BPDSL is not contracting with the client directly, but is simply facilitating payment for services to be provided to the client by the Instructor. 

Payment process:

The payment facilitation process operates as follows:

  • Payment made by client to BPDSL;
  • Funds are held in a ‘pupil’ bank account separate from BPDSL daily banking activities;
  • BPDSL notifies the Instructor within 24 hours that a payment has been received;
  • Client payment will be transferred to the Instructor within 3-5 working days.

Booking fee:

A booking fee of £3.99 (including VAT) is payable in relation to any payment made via the BPDSL call centre for any reason, including but not limited to driving lessons and gift vouchers.  The fee is charged for making bookings on behalf of the client, for administering the funds in the separate ‘pupil’ bank account, and for transferring funds to the instructor.

Refund policy:

The client should be aware that the Instructor is an independent legal entity, separate from BPDSL.  If a refund becomes due to the client, it is the responsibility of the client to secure the refund from the Instructor.  BPDSL takes no responsibility for any payments made by the client directly to the instructor, as these monies are not paid to BPDSL.  Similarly, any payment made via the Company’s head office call centre will have been transferred to the Instructor, and the client would need to secure any refund in respect of these monies from the Instructor

Refunds of partial block bookings will be made pro rota on any lessons taken, by the Instructor.

No refunds can be provided in relation to gift vouchers.

A client cannot sell or transfer lessons which have been purchased.

If a dispute occurs in relation to driving lessons being provided by the Instructor, please contact BPDSL immediately.


  1. Clients can pay the Instructor directly by whatever method is agreed with the Instructor.
  2. If you change to a new Instructor for whatever reason, please be aware that the price for your lessons may be different and you may need to make a supplementary payment to the new Instructor; it is the responsibility of the client to secure a refund of amounts due (if any) from the original instructor.