Live Chat & Social Media Agent

Location: Ripon, North Yorkshire
Salary: Competitive based upon experience
Job type: Full time

Executive Summary
Bill Plant Driving School was established in 2001 and is the current holder of the Intelligent Instructor’s – National Driving School of the Year award. With its headquarters based in Ripon, North Yorkshire, Bill Plant Driving School has a network of hundreds of DVSA registered Driving Instructors offering driving lessons across England, Scotland and Wales in market-leading Volkswagen tuition vehicles.

Bill Plant Driving School is looking to facilitate the conversion of driving lesson enquiries to confirmed prepaid pupils for its nationwide driving instructors, by expanding its booking team and customer service team. The Live Chat & Social Media Agent reports directly to the Bookings & Customer Service Team Manager.

Numerous studies highlight that half of all customers prefer to chat with someone in real-time and online, rather than call a company for support. Additionally, 38% of consumers are more likely to buy from a company if they offer live chat support and 63% of customers were more likely to return if they did not make a purchase.

With a generally younger target audience (17-25) seeking to learn to drive, a very high proportion of these individuals spend time significant amounts of time online and on social media.

Bill Plant Driving School has seen a notable increase in both social media and live chat communications into the business and is therefore aiming to recruit a full-time, Live Chat & Social Media Agent to meet the high levels of demand these channels have delivered.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Receive and Promptly Respond to Customer Enquiries
    Whether agents are contacted directly via Bill Plant Driving School’s social media channels (Facebook/Instagram/Twitter) or through its live chat feature, they must make an ongoing effort to respond to customers as quickly and professionally as possible. The agent must carefully process the customer’s questions and subsequently answer them by following a set protocol depending on both their initial query and following responses.
  • Ensure All Enquiries are Effectively Addressed
    By the end of the working day, the agent should take pride in ensuring that all customers who have made an enquiry the previous evening and throughout the day’s operating hours have been communicated with and processed effectively.
  • Clearly Communicate Information to Customers
    Agents must be able to quickly search for and obtain specific information requested by customers (e.g. availability of instructors, lesson prices etc) using an internal CRM system and feed this back to them in both an accurate and timely manner.

  • Generate Confirmed Pre-Paid Customers for Outbound Bookings Agents
    Individuals should be driven to take a sales-oriented approach to the role of Live Chat & Social Media Agent, aiming to maximise the conversion of real-time driving lesson enquiries to prepaid pupils for Bill Plant Driving School’s instructors. They are expected to be consistently determined to overachieve on established KPI’s and work co-operatively amongst other members of the bookings team to facilitate this goal.
  • Record Outcomes and Enhance Customer Service Solutions
    As well as providing real-time chat support, agents are expected to record each customer’s journey into distinct categories using relevant reporting tools. In addition, agents should formulate potential improvements regarding social media and live chat processes through personal experience. This way, the Live Chat & Social Media Agent can help actively improve Bill Plant Driving School’s process efficiencies relating to real-time enquiries.
  • Identify Possible Website Errors
    The Live Chat & Social Media Agent will sometimes be the first individual within Bill Plant Driving School who will be alerted to website errors and other technical problems by customers (e.g. website forms not submitting, incorrect website details etc). If agents receive multiple queries about the same issue or if there are any serious issues that need immediately investigating, they must report these issues to the IT department to solve the problem as quickly as possible.

Skills and Qualifications

Agents that are sought after for this role should ideally have experience working as a Live Chat and/or Social Media Agent and have several or all the following skills and qualifications:

  • High levels of personal motivation to succeed – Even when experiencing a setback, the individual should always be determined to ensure every chat is better than the last, while consciously aiming to deliver as many new paying customers as possible.
  • Consistently positive attitude and not easily frustrated – Successful chat agents enjoy directly communicating with customers and address them in an upbeat and positive manner even when experiencing difficult individuals or complex questions.
  • A high level of understanding of various social media platforms – Agents should be competent with Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and being willing to adapt to new platforms or means of communication.
  • Excellent communicators with a strong passion for delivering sales – Delivering a continuously high standard of service to all prospective customers.
  • Strong command of the English language and a high standard of English literacy – Both in terms of both spelling and grammar with a high adherence to detail.
  • A high degree of computer literacy – Easily able to operate a computer, especially in terms of utilising real-time chat services and software. Proficient with using keyboard short-cuts and using custom chat templates to maximise data processing.
  • Strong team-working ability and self-discipline – Team members should proactively and constructively work alongside members of their team, while respecting the authority of their direct line manager.
  • Strong organisation skills and multi-tasking abilities – Keep track of the progress of multiple chats, while simultaneously progressing each of them to their respective conclusions based on set protocols.
  • High professional standards – Working with the clear understanding that the role enables you to speak as a voice of the company and thus all chats must be dealt with the utmost professionalism and integrity.
  • Problem-solving skills – The ability to solve customer’s problems both calmly and efficiently, even if the customer is impatient or upset.


To apply please email [email protected] with a covering letter, your salary requirements and CV.