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Driving Lessons in Bury

Learning to drive is a big investment of time and money. So, you need to know how to pick a driving school in Bury that’s right for you.

One of the first things to consider is finding an instructor who provides expert support and tuition that are tailored to you.

Bill Plant Driving School offers personalised coaching for learner drivers around the Metropolitan Borough of Bury because we know everyone learns in their own way, at their own pace!

We even offer a free driving lesson alongside other discounts for Bury learners, so you can become comfortable with your instructor and our superbly maintained Volkswagen vehicles.

Why local knowledge matters for Bury driving lessons

Having local knowledge of Bury can be invaluable too.

This part of Greater Manchester has its own characteristics and features, from its town centre to wonderful countryside. Learning to drive with us will ensure that you become familiar with the busy roads around the town hall and the famous Bury Market for example, as well as making you comfortable on narrow rural lanes around the Western Pennine Moors.

Costs of driving lessons Bury-wide, and how quickly can I pass my test?

The question is not always which is the cheapest driving school in the Bury area. It’s just as important to ask ‘which driving school near me will save me money’; the answer usually being the one that offers the best chance of passing your driving test quickly.

Our pass rate is high. It is just one of the reasons we were awarded National Driving School of the Year 2019 (our excellent, versatile instructors were a big part of that too).

However, we also leave you with driving skills and a level of confidence that lasts a lifetime, and that serve you well whether you are driving around Bury or anywhere else!

To check out our affordable Bury driving lessons, and discuss significant discounts for block bookings, give our friendly customer service team a call on 0330 555 2254


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“Professional, reliable and friendly. My whole experience learning to drive with Bill Plant Driving school has been fantastic. The support I received was top quality, I can’t recommend them enough.”


“Thank you to Bill Plant Driving School and my instructor for all the effort they put in. I was very impressed that my instructor was approachable and re-assured me whenever I needed it.”


“My Bill Plant Driving School trainer took out all the pressure you face when learning to drive. Everything is relaxed and moves at your own pace. I enjoyed all the training and glad to be on the road!”