Bill Plant Driving School’s Volkswagen Golf

The Volkswagen Golf has the following specifications and franchise features:

  • Volkswagen Golf SE Navigation 1.6TDI
  • 68.9 combined MPG
  • Front and rear parking sensors
  • Discover Navigation infotainment system with: 8.0″ colour touch screen and Volkswagen Media Control
  • Automatic dimming interior rear-view mirror
  • Leather trimmed three-spoke multifunction steering wheel
  • Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) including Front Assist, and City Emergency braking
  • Car-Net ‘Guide & Inform’ provides online access to: traffic conditions, local fuel prices and news feeds
  • Parking sensors, front and rear
  • Great all-round visibility
  • Folding door mirrors
  • More interior space & larger boot
  • Space saver spare wheel (allowing you the chance to continue a lesson in the event of a puncture)
  • Electronic parking brake with auto release (less chance of a clutch being burnt out/time off the road in the event it fails.)
  • Vehicle swap-over every 24 months rather than 6 (One damage invoice every 2 years)
  • High profile tyres reduce the chance of damaging the alloys.

Hear what our Instructors have to say about their Volkswagen’s:

Pio: “My thoughts on the Golf are all really positive. My pupils and I absolutely love it. Very easy to drive with regards to controls, very smooth clutch and gear ratios are a lot more flexible. The electric handbrake is more effective than a manual one because it releases without the pupil having to do as much. In my humble opinion the Golf is the perfect tuition vehicle.”

Wendy: “The automatic handbrake is much better for pupils and all round visibility is great. All the pupils love it, it’s a truly fantastic car to teach students”

O’Brien: “My students feel that the Volkswagen Golf has a really nice cockpit, with comfortable and easily adjustable seats and leather steering wheel. It’s a really intuitive car for them to drive and particularly easy to go from major to minor roads in 2nd gear, a really smooth drive all-round.”

Gemma: “I personally love my VW Golf and so do ALL my students!!

Sean: “After a ten minute drive at Head Office I was sold on the car being a fantastic teaching platform. My view has been borne out with 100% of my pupils finding the Golf a great car to drive. Truly an amazing addition to the Bill Plant Driving School Fleet. There are so many plus points including:

  • Auto hold (no roll back)
  • Parking brake (button) meaning no struggle releasing the handbrake
  • 2nd gear a dream as it doesn’t drag you into a corner at junctions
  • Much improved driving position and better all round view
  • Shorter pupils don’t struggle to see out the back and easily reach the pedals
  • Mirror’s, auto drop /lift when put in reverse and lift when you drive off, heated so clears easily when damp
  • Gears, spring loaded reverse so no accidental reverse gear on test
  • Sat NAV, much better, touch screen so easy to use as a teaching aide if explaining a route.
  • All pupils find forward bay parking easy in the VW”

Jason: “Moving over to the Golf was for me, the best move I ever made. The Golf has a smooth gear change, better visibility all round, feels bigger inside, has nice gadgets  and with a nice chunky steering wheel, makes driving it a total pleasure. All my pupils have told me that the Golf is totally an amazing car to drive, especially with the Electronic Handbrake, and it’s particularly great for those shorter pupils who struggled with both the handbrake and gears previously. I have a lot more happy faces and confident pupils now I’ve switched!”

Michael: “Myself and pupils love the learning experience within the Golf. Pupils have found it easy to drive and quickly adapted to driving a new tuition vehicle. The spacious interior offers a greater all round visibility for both students and instructor. I am very happy with the Golf as it offers a good learning environment.”

Samantha: “After my first week of teaching what a result! You sit up high in the car so you have a good view of the road and a much bigger back window for reversing. First and second gear are a dream, you can get the car down to about 5 miles an hour in second gear. The seat has lumber support so it’s comfortable for me to sit in all day and fuel economy is much better too – I found I was putting in around £20 a week less than my previous car. There are some useful gadgets on the Golf for students such as the tip down and tilt in left wind mirror when reversing. The digital speedometer is large and right in front of students, who loved these. The students love it and I like teaching in it.”

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