Bill Plant Driving School Training Academy Updates – 07 October 2021

Driving Test Success  

For those currently undertaking their Part 1 training, we would like to give you some valuable tips to help you to get the most out of your online subscription:

To activate your DTS subscription, please log into where you can find everything you will need to help you, including Hazard Perception training resources.

Hazard Perception

If you log into the DTS Anytime practise tool, you will see a series of informative videos that will help further develop your understanding of the Hazard Perception test.

We strongly advise that you improve your understanding of the following sections under the Hazard category, which you can access by selecting:

  1. Advice Centre
  2. Understanding Hazard Perception
  3. What is Hazard Perception & What is a Developing Hazard

Please remember, that as an experienced driver, you are likely to be seeing and anticipating potential issues on the road much faster than a learner driver would. We advise you to focus your understanding on the concept of a “developing hazard”.

A potential hazard is something you need to be aware of but does not require you to take any action. A developing hazard is a thing that would make you take some kind of action, for example slowing down, stopping, or changing direction

There is a fine line between clicking enough times to ensure that you score maximum points and clicking so often that the test software considers that you were cheating. For the greatest chance of success, please follow this advice:

  • Try to avoid clicking more than three times for any one developing hazard
  • Avoid clicking in a pattern
  • Click deliberately; avoid clicking two or three times in rapid succession

Please be advised that in the ADI Part 1 exam, the Hazard Perception tests are in the CGI formatted videos. 

If we can be of any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact the Training Support Team on 01765 645023 and please do keep us updated on your progress.