Bill Plant Driving School Limited (‘BPDS’) Policy on Complaints of Sexual Harassment or
Inappropriate Behaviour against Franchisees.

We have a duty of care to all our employees, franchisees and pupils to ensure they work and
learn in a safe, comfortable environment, free from inappropriate behaviour including
harassment, or any verbal or physical misconduct.

Our commitment to providing a safe environment, particularly in relation to pupils taking
lessons with our franchisees is underpinned by our rigidly enforced processes as follows:

1. All of our franchisees are subject to a police DBS check to ensure they have no criminal
convictions before they are able to become a BPDS franchisee.

2. All franchisees are required to declare to BPDS immediately any new or pending
criminal or driving convictions. Failure to do so could result in immediate termination
of their franchise agreement with BPDS.

3. All franchisees are required to declare to BPDS immediately they become aware they
are the subject of any allegations which could be interpreted as sexual harassment or
inappropriate behaviour. This includes any allegations made against the franchisee
when not on BPDS duties. Failure to do so could result in the immediate termination
of their franchise agreement with BPDS.

4. Should any member of BPDS staff become aware of a complaint of alleged harassment
or inappropriate behaviour by one of its employees or franchisees, they should
immediately flag this to the Managing Director.

5. The complainant will be advised that BPDS will be reporting their complaint to the
DVSA as our governing body.

6. The complainant should also be advised that they should report the matter to the
DVSA and the police. BPDS will work with the DVSA and the Police in their

7. The customer service team leader will record the complaint in the Complaints Log and
take ownership of the matter. They will be the point of contact for the police and the
DVSA. They will also be responsible for updating the BPDS Board of directors on the

8. Should the complaint be upheld by the Police or the DVSA, the franchise agreement
will be terminated with immediate effect, and the outcome shared with the Police or
the DVSA as appropriate.

9. Where a complaint is upheld, the relevant franchisee will be required to disclose to
BPDS the names and contact details of all of their current pupils in order that the
pupils can be contacted by BPDS to make them aware that the franchisee no longer
represents BPDS.

Last Updated: October 2021