Black Friday 2021 Offer –Terms and Conditions

  1. The below Black Friday 2021 Terms and Conditions is an addendum to amend the Driving Instructor Training Terms and Conditions
  2. The individual does not need to opt for the Black Friday Special Offer and may purchase the other Training Courses and Payment Options available
  3. All terms, obligations and conditions in the Driving Instructor Training Terms and Conditions shall remain in effect. The Terms and Conditions are amended as follows:
  4. Novation. The Price, Payments and Location Terms will be updated with the Black Friday 2021 Special Offer from 9am 15th November 2021 to 12am midnight 27th November 2021.
  5. The Black Friday Special Offer is available for Intensive Driving Instructor Training packages purchased from 9am 15th November 2021 to 12am midnight 27th November 2021
  6. The Black Friday Special Offer is available at £888 for Intensive Training (inclusive of VAT) only
  7. For those who have selected the Black Friday Special Offer and decided to pay in installments, the Initial Payment and monthly payment schedule applies:
    £500 initially, followed by one payment of £388 before the end of January 2022
  8. The ADI Driving Instructor test prices are separate from the cost of our training and you pay the DVSA directly. The test prices are as follows: ADI Part One – Theory Test: £81, ADI Part Two – Driving Ability: £111, ADI Part Three – Instructional Ability: £111
  9. If we have agreed to take a partial payment to commence your training this will only gain you access to elements within Part 1 of the training course. You must adhere to the payment schedule which we have provided to you, and any failure to make a payment by the scheduled payment date means that we may cancel your training with no refund payable
  10. Bill Plant Driving School Limited reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions at any time without prior notice. In the event that any changes are made, the revised Terms and Conditions shall be posted on this website immediately