Queue Jump Voucher Terms and Conditions

  • Driving lessons are only available to those who hold a driving licence valid in the UK.
  • Your Driving Instructor reserves the right to refuse to provide you with driving lessons or to cancel any driving lessons you have booked, if you fail to provide proof of an appropriate licence prior to your driving lesson.
  • Queue Jump voucher valid only for driving lessons booked and paid for via our Booking Team. They cannot be redeemed directly to an Instructor
  • A booking fee may be applicable when purchasing driving lessons
  • Queue Jump vouchers must be redeemed within 3 months of Bill Plant Driving School commencing following the COVID-19 lockdown.
  • The voucher has no cash value.
  • The voucher is only refundable if Bill Plant Driving School does not have a Driving Instructor available in your area. Once allocated with a Driving Instructor the voucher is non-refundable.

Gift Vouchers Terms and Conditions

  • Bill Plant Driving School Gift Vouchers are applicable for a set number of driving lessons with their allocated instructor, and thus cannot be redeemed for cash. A┬árefund cannot be offered for any outstanding balances by Bill Plant Driving School Head Office.
  • Bill Plant Driving School Gift Vouchers are to be paid for in entirety and redeemed from the individual instructor allocated to them.
  • Bill Plant Driving School Gift Vouchers cannot be transferred to another Bill Plant Driving School Instructor (but can be passed on to a purchaser’s friend or family member if the instructor is able to accommodate them)
  • The expiry date for Bill Plant Driving Gift Vouchers are determined by Bill Plant Driving School and noted upon the vouchers themselves
  • Due to Covid-19, we are, subject to review, allowing 3-month extensions to voucher expiry dates for those who reach out to the Bill Plant Driving School head office team