Find a Female Driving Instructor

Learn to drive with a female driving instructor, to help you feel comfortable and relaxed behind the wheel.

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Find a Female Driving Instructor

If you’ve got your provisional license at the ready, it’s time to take the next step and think about booking your first driving lessons.

There are plenty of things to consider before booking your first lesson, but a key element is finding the right Instructor for you. You’ll be spending, on average, around 45 hours with your Instructor as you build up your skills and increase your confidence out on the road – so picking the right Instructor can be key.

For this reason, it’s essential that you choose an instructor that puts your mind at ease during your lessons to get you on your way to driving independently in no time. There’s no one-size-fits all with learning to drive – whether you want manual or automatic driving lessons, with a male or female Instructor, we aim to make every learner feel comfortable during their driving lessons.

Some learners would rather be taught by a female Driving Instructor. Get in touch with Bill Plant Driving School today using the form above and we’ll do our utmost to match you up to a female Driving Instructor near you.

Female Driving Instructor FAQ's
What is the difference between a male and a female Driving Instructor?

There won’t be any difference between male and female Driving Instructors in terms of their ability or knowledge. Regardless of gender, each Driving Instructor has completed the same rigorous Driving Instructor Training to obtain their qualifications – the same ones that won us the award for National Driving School of the Year 2024!

If you decide to learn to drive with Bill Plant Driving School, you’ll be assigned a professional, supportive and reliable Instructor, no matter whether they’re male or female. Being comfortable when you’re at the wheel is a priority, so if you would prefer to take lessons with a female Driving Instructor, we’re happy to arrange this for you.

Why might someone choose a female Driving Instructor?

For many learners, the gender of their Driving Instructor won’t really matter. But others might have a preference for who teaches them how to drive.

Some learners might choose a female Driving Instructor simply out of choice, but there might be other reasons too. You may require lessons from a female Driving Instructor for religious or cultural reasons or maybe because you’d be more comfortable being taught to drive by a woman. We won’t ask you for your reasons when you enquire – we’ll simply do whatever we can to facilitate this.

Can I learn with a female Driving Instructor at Bill Plant Driving School?

Whether you’re based in England, Scotland or Wales, Bill Plant Driving School’s nationwide coverage means it’s likely we’ll be able to find a female Driving Instructor for you. With our pedigree for training new Driving Instructors all the time, the availability for lessons with a female Driving Instructor is only rising each and every week.

Our driving lessons are flexible and market-leading, and take place in one of our high-quality Volkswagen tuition vehicles to get you learning to drive in style and comfort. Our lessons are also great value for money, with the opportunity to save money by block-booking your driving lessons.

All you will need to do is get in contact with our team over the phone or by using the form above to arrange your first driving lesson. Make sure to mention that you would prefer to be assigned a female Instructor when requesting driving lessons through our bookings team.

Am I guaranteed a female Driving Instructor?

Across the UK, the majority of Driving Instructors are male. 2012 UK government data showed that only 22.4% of registered Approved Driving Instructors (ADI) are female. Although this percentage has likely since risen a little, there are still fewer female Driving Instructors in the UK compared to males.

So, while we can’t 100% guarantee that you’ll be assigned to a female Driving Instructor in your preferred area, we’ll do everything we can to arrange your lessons exactly how you would prefer.

Can I change Instructors if I’m not happy with who I have been allocated?

If you don’t gel with your Instructor right away, it’s best to give them a chance regardless of gender. Each Driving Instructor has a wealth of knowledge and tips that they’re waiting to share to get you on your way to driving independently.

If you would prefer to switch to a different Driving Instructor, the customer services team at Bill Plant Driving School will do everything they can to arrange this, providing that we can accommodate your preferred transmission and location.

Please be aware that your reallocated Instructor may have a different rate per hour and availability.

Where does Bill Plant Driving School have female Driving Instructors?

As the National Driving School of the Year 2024, you can find both male and female Bill Plant Driving School Instructors nationwide. To find out if we have a female Driving Instructor near you, get in touch today on 0330 555 2254, or by using the form above.

How do you become one of Bill Plant Driving School’s female Driving Instructors?

With female Driving Instructors in relatively short supply, we’re eager to welcome more women onto our team and make it easier for learners to find their preferred Instructors.

If you are considering becoming a Driving Instructor or know someone who’d be great for the job, Bill Plant Driving School offers affordable Driving Instructor Training. Our intensive course is perfect for those wanting to qualify ASAP. Or if you require training around work or family commitments, learn at your own pace with our flexible course.