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Driving Lessons in Scarborough

It’s Scarborough’s two sandy beaches and castle that bring the holidaymakers to stay. However, as a resident, you’re probably more interested in navigating its busy town centre roads and the village byways in this part of North Yorkshire!

If you’re planning to learn to drive in Scarborough, what should you look for from a driving school?

One thing that’s invaluable is local knowledge, to build both your skills and confidence behind the wheel. It’s not just about passing your tests, but also finding driving as enjoyable as possible, whether you are off to Brunswick Shopping Centre or navigating narrow lanes around Burniston.

Bill Plant Driving School offers the level of personalised and expert driving tuition that Scarborough learners need. It’s one reason we were awarded the title of National Driving School of the Year 2019.

For all abilities and confidence levels

Our highly professional driving instructors – in a fleet of new Volkswagen vehicles – help you get through your test as swiftly and confidently as possible. You will be learning at your own pace though, remember.

This makes us a great choice to learn to drive if you’re nervous. Though we also help more advanced Scarborough learner drivers to pass with refresher lessons too.

Affording driving lessons around Scarborough

Are you keen to find cheap driving lessons around Scarborough? Our affordable fees need to be measured against the level of expertise we provide, and the fact that passing your test in an assured way saves you money.

We offer attractive discounts if you block book driving lessons in Scarborough too.

We will even provide you with a free ‘taster’ lesson when you book your first hour’s driving tuition in Scarborough and surrounding towns.

What a great way to see for yourself how friendly, helpful and professional our instructors are! You could also ask the many former customers who highly recommend Bill Plant Driving School.

The first step towards learning to drive in North Bay, South Bay or any part of Scarborough and district is to give us a call. Our Customer Services Team would be delighted to help you book your first driving lesson in Scarborough. To get your lessons started, please contact us on 0330 555 2254


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“Absolutely over the moon to pass my driving test first time with the help of my Bill Plant Driving School instructor. She really made it a breeze from start to finish, I couldn’t be happier!”


“If not for my Bill Plant Driving School instructor I’d have given up driving forever. He made me feel confident and brave on the road, eased me into driving and developed my problem areas with care.”


“My instructor saw in me what I couldn’t see in myself and he made sure I didn’t quit when I was having an off day. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Ronnie and cannot thank him enough for everything he did for me”