Emergency Services Driving Lessons

If you working in the Emergency Services requiring Driving Lessons as part of your Driving Test please contact us.

Emergency Services Driving Lessons

The DVSA has announced (February 2021) a limited theory test and practical “Emergency Services” testing service will be introduced in England and Wales.

This will be available to:
– NHS health and social care workers
– the emergency services
– local councils

Who need to both:
– drive as part of their job
– respond to ‘threats to life’ as part of their job

Because of the current COVID restrictions, the DVSA are not able to offer an emergency worker test service in Scotland.

Driving lessons are permitted for pupils who have a confirmed test booking even if current local or national restrictions do not allow driving and riding tests. The DVSA will be contacting these organisations directly to explain how they can access this service.

Lessons remain postponed for pupils who only have a routine driving test booked – even if they are an NHS health and social care worker, emergency service worker or local council worker. The pupil must ensure they have the correct documentation as detailed below.

The pupil must have and bring the following to every Emergency Services driving lesson:

  • a copy of your emergency test booking confirmation email
  • a copy of the application request from your employer

If you are eligible for an Emergency Services Driving Test and therefore require driving lessons, please give us a call on 0330 555 2254 or complete the enquiry form.


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