Crash Course Driving Lessons

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Crash Course Driving Lessons

Are you searching for crash courses, because here at Bill Plant Driving School we’re sorry to say we don’t offer “crash courses”.

What is a crash course?

Accordingly, to the dictionary, a “crash-course” in a particular subject is a short course in which you are taught based on facts or skills. For example, how to learn to drive.

Why don’t we offer crash courses at Bill Plant Driving School?

Put simply, we don’t like the term “crash courses” – particularly associating any element of learning to drive with “crashing.” When our driving instructors within our nationwide driving school are asked about “crash courses” we refer them to our Intensive Driving Courses.

What are our Intensive Driving Lessons?

Intensive driving lessons provide the means whereby you can learn to drive in the least amount of time possible. To begin with, one of our driving instructors would provide you with a two-hour assessment to then accurately work out a time frame in which you can be up to the standard necessary to pass your driving test.

Please follow the link for more information about our Intensive Driving Lessons or to get started, give us a call on 0330 555 2254.


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“Thank you to Bill Plant Driving School and my instructor for all the effort they put in. I was very impressed that my instructor was approachable and re-assured me whenever I needed it.”


“Would definitely recommend Bill Plant Driving School for first time drivers, my instructor was very supportive and made lessons enjoyable and really made sure I was test ready.”


“My Bill Plant Driving School trainer took out all the pressure you face when learning to drive. Everything is relaxed and moves at your own pace. I enjoyed all the training and glad to be on the road!”