Training Support Manager

Location: Ripon, North Yorkshire
Salary: Competitive based upon experience
Job type: Full time

Executive Summary
Bill Plant Driving School was established in 2001 and was voted the 2019-2020 National Driving School of the Year at the Intelligent Instructor awards. With its headquarters based in Ripon, North Yorkshire, Bill Plant Driving School has a network of hundreds of DVSA registered Driving Instructors offering driving lessons across England, Scotland and Wales in market-leading Volkswagen tuition vehicles.

Bill Plant Driving School is seeking to significantly enhance the throughput of trainees through its Driving Instructor Training Academy, from initial signup through to PDI franchisees. Bill Plant Driving School is therefore aiming to recruit an experienced full-time Training Support Manager, with their major remit to optimise the throughput of trainees.

Training Support Manager Duties and Responsibilities

  • Coordinate the day-to-day activities of the Training Support Team
    Overseeing a team of Part 1, Part 2 & 3 and PDI specialists, the Training Support Manager should ensure all staff members are managing their respective training stages with both professionalism and efficiency whilst remaining motivated at all times.

  • Conduct 1-1 Reviews and Performance Manage Staff Members
    The Training Support Manager should ensure the team is running at maximum efficiency, in line with set KPI’s agreed upon with the Operations Director. The role requires delivering increased staff productivity and individual/team appraisals. The manager must also keep a record of both complaints and refund requests by trainees on a weekly basis and report on these aspects to senior management, whilst addressing these instances with the utmost professionalism.

  • Optimise the Training Academy Throughput
    The role requires taking a “birds eye view” over the Driving Instructor Training Academy, complementing a thorough understanding of all the aspects required to train to become a driving instructor with delivering significant business efficiencies. Opportunities should be pursued in terms of reducing costs, increasing overall throughput, reducing the time taken to train and increasing the quality of the training (in terms of both individual trainee experience and overall pass rates). The manager must determine and thereafter implement processes to improve the throughput at each of the training stages. Efficiencies can be pursued in terms of staffing, internal processes, communications, automations and CRM management, amongst others.

  • Work alongside the Training Department to expand the Driving School’s Trainer Network
    The Training Support Manager should coordinate the recruitment of new driving instructor trainers alongside the Head of Training based on the requirements of the business. Existing trainers should be provided a direct point of contact and kept engaged on any developments relating to the driving instructor training process.

Training Support Manager Skills and Qualifications

Candidates that are sought after for this role should ideally have experience working within training/development role and have some/all of the following qualifications:

  • High professional standards and leadership skills
    The Training Support Manager should ensure high professional standards are always maintained, building positive rapport with internal staff, trainees and trainers. The role enables you to speak as a voice of the company and thus all communications must be dealt with the utmost professionalism and integrity. The Training Support Manager should lead and inspire the team with the goal of improving team performance and meeting the businesses key objectives.

  • Strong product knowledge and project management/logistical experience
    The Training Support Manager should have a very strong understanding of Driving Instructor Training and the logistics surrounding the optimal allocation of resources to meet set KPI’s for large training establishments. The candidate must show exemplary project management skills, an overwhelming focus on data-led decision making and a precise attention to detail.
  • Excellent communicators with a consistently positive attitude who are not easily frustrated
    Successful managers enjoy directly communicating with relevant parties, who should always be addressed in an upbeat and positive manner even when individuals prove difficult or ask complex questions.

  • High levels of personal motivation to succeed
    Even when experiencing a setback, the individual should always be determined to ensure every situation is dealt with better than the last. The Training Support Manager should consciously aim to hit established KPI’s and raise the bar.

  • Strong command of the English language and a high standard of English literacy
    Both in terms of both spelling and grammar with a high adherence to detail.

  • A reasonable degree of computer literacy
    Easily able to operate a computer, proficient with email systems including Microsoft Outlook and a competent understanding of text chat etiquette.

  • Strong team-working ability and self-discipline
    The Training Support Manager should proactively and constructively work alongside members of their team, while respecting the authority of their direct line manager.

  • Strong organisation skills and multi-tasking abilities
    Keep track of the progress of multiple trainees through reporting, pipelining and scheduling. Effective CRM management is essential.


To apply please email with a covering letter, your salary requirements and CV.