Part 2 and 3 Success Manager

Location: Ripon, North Yorkshire
Salary: Competitive based upon experience
Job type: Full time

Executive Summary
Bill Plant Driving School was established in 2001 and was voted the 2019-2020 National Driving School of the Year at the Intelligent Instructor awards. With its headquarters based in Ripon, North Yorkshire, Bill Plant Driving School has a network of hundreds of DVSA registered Driving Instructors offering driving lessons across England, Scotland and Wales in market-leading Volkswagen tuition vehicles.

Bill Plant Driving School is seeking to significantly enhance the throughput of trainees through its Driving Instructor Training Academy, from initial signup through to PDI franchisees. Bill Plant Driving School is therefore aiming to recruit an experienced full-time Part 2 & 3 Success Manager, to ensure trainees are processed through the training course with professionalism and efficiency.

Part 2 & 3 Success Manager Duties and Responsibilities

  • Welcome Trainees onto their Part 2 & 3 Training Courses
    As the second point of contact within the Driving Instructor Training Academy, it is imperative that the agent makes a positive impression to those who have passed their Part 1 Exams, representing the voice of the business. The agent must call those who have reached the Part 2 stage of their training to introduce themselves and explain both their role within the business and in the context of the trainees’ driving instructor training course.

  • Provide Trainees Accurate Information on their Part 2 Training and Part 3 Training
    The agent must proactively engage with trainees to explain the steps needed to complete the Part 2 & 3 aspects of their Driving Instructor Training.

  • Schedule In Car Training / Online Training
    The agent should coordinate the scheduling of Part 2 and 3 Training Courses to maximise the throughput of trainees. Best efforts should be made to ensure every available course date is fully booked up with new trainees.

  • Manage the Diaries of Driving Instructor Trainers
    As part of course scheduling protocols, it is the responsibility of the Part 2 & 3 Success Manager to manage the diaries of salaried trainers for Bill Plant Driving School with Part 3 courses in addition to Part 2 training (and ad-hoc Part 3 training) for non-salaried trainers.

  • Receive and Promptly Respond to Part 2 & 3 Training Enquiries
    Whether the agent is contacted directly over the phone or via other channels, or working on inbound or outbound calls, they must make an ongoing effort to respond to trainees at the Part 2 and Part 3 training stage (excluding PDI’s/ quickly and professionally. The agent must carefully process the trainee’s questions and subsequently answer them by following a set protocol depending on both their initial query and following responses.

  • Process Trainees from Part 1 Pass to Completion of 40 hrs Part 3 Training
    The Part 2 & 3 Success Manager plays a critical role in progressing trainees through the Training Academy. The agent must carefully input data into a CRM system with both precision and efficiency, while effectively managing a pipeline with a focus on delivering prospective PDI franchisees.

  • Refer Trainees to the PDI Sales Manager
    Upon completion of the Part 2 Exam, the agent should refer trainees to speak to the PDI Sales Manager, who will confirm their Part 3 Course preference (all in-car or part online) and make best efforts to sign them up on a Trainee (PDI) Licence. Upon completion of their Part 3 Training, a handover process should be implemented to the PDI Success Manager to on-board them onto the franchise alongside the Instructor Support Team.

Part 2 & 3 Success Manager Skills and Qualifications

Agents that are sought after for this role should ideally have experience working within training/development role and have some/all of the following qualifications:

  • High professional standards and a level of proficiency when engaging with trainees
    Agents should ensure high professional standards are always maintained, building positive rapport with trainees and maximising their engagement with the learning process. Agents work with the clear understanding that the role enables you to speak as a voice of the company and thus all communications must be dealt with the utmost professionalism and integrity.

  • Strong understanding of Driving Instructor Training courses
    The Part 2 & 3 Success Manager should have a strong theoretical knowledge of the process of training to become a driving instructor, with a particular emphasis on the Driving Ability Exam and Instructional Ability Exam.
  • Experience Managing Booking Systems and Logistics
    The agent should have good problem solving skills and demonstrate high levels of critical thinking and organisation capabilities. A strong knowledge of logistics is required to ensure the maximum utilisation of resources is achieved.

  • Excellent communicators with a consistently positive attitude who are not easily frustrated – Successful agents enjoy directly communicating with trainees. Trainees should be addressed in an upbeat and positive manner even when individuals prove difficult or ask complex questions.
  • High levels of personal motivation to succeed – Even when experiencing a setback, the individual should always be determined to ensure every call is dealt with better than the last. Agents should consciously aim to hit established KPI’s and raise the bar.

  • Strong command of the English language and a high standard of English literacy – Both in terms of both spelling and grammar with a high adherence to detail.
  • A reasonable degree of computer literacy – Easily able to operate a computer, proficient with email systems including Microsoft Outlook and a competent understanding of text chat etiquette.
  • Strong team-working ability and self-discipline – Team members should proactively and constructively work alongside members of their team, while respecting the authority of their direct line manager.
  • Strong organisation skills and multi-tasking abilities – Keep track of the progress of multiple trainees through efficient pipelining and scheduling, while simultaneously progressing each of them to their respective conclusions based on set protocols. Effective CRM management is essential.


To apply please email [email protected] with a covering letter, your salary requirements and CV.