Free Theory and Hazard Perception Tests Online

Free Theory and Hazard Perception Tests Online


As a leading Driving School in the UK, we aim to do everything we can to help you pass your driving test and get on the road. That not only includes Driving Lessons with our experienced Bill Plant Driving Instructors in your local area but also outside of the car with our Hazard Perception and Theory Test online. 

Before you can take your practical Driving Test, every learner driver must pass both their Theory Test and the Hazard Perception element alongside it. Bill Plant Driving School provide all our learners with free Driving Theory Test questions and answers where you can test your knowledge, ensuring you are ready to book your Theory Test, as well as access to our free Hazard Perception resource.

Driving Theory Test Practice

Practice for your Theory Test with our free to use online Driving Theory Test. You can take a full test of 50 questions or take a shorter test of as many questions as you have the time for. Practising even 10 questions per day could help build your knowledge towards passing your test.

Once you have answered the questions you will see how many you answered correctly and receive feedback on the questions that you have answered incorrectly. Once you feel you are confident and you are regularly passing our online test we would advise you to book your Theory Test online. Remember you need 43/50 to pass your test!


Before booking, it may be a good idea to ask your Driving Instructor if they think you are ready. They will give you an honest assessment of how you display your theory knowledge during lessons and can even test your ability while you drive.

Free Hazard Perception Test

Alongside your Theory Test questions, you will also need to master the Hazard Perception Test. This will show you a series of short video clips where you receive marks for how quickly you can spot the potential hazard(s) that unfold. The pass mark for the Hazard Perception Test is 44/75. 

Our online Hazard Perception Test gives you 14 official DVSA Hazard Perception clips to practise on, with full review software, to ensure you can pass your theory first time. We also provide a free copy of the Highway Code for some extra reading to help your learning.

While many other driving schools and online providers charge for the use of their Theory Test resources, Bill Plant Driving School provide them free of charge to all pupils.

If you have more questions regarding any part of your Theory Test practice or want to know more about how your Bill Plant Driving Instructor can help, contact a member of our Driving School Customer Services Team.