Automatic Driving Lessons

Get automatic driving lessons and learn to drive an automatic car with Bill Plant Driving School, helping you to feel your best behind the wheel.

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Automatic Driving Lessons

Learning to drive in an automatic car can be the ideal route to gaining your independence. More and more learner drivers are taking to the roads in automatic cars, due to its relative simplicity. Qualifying in an automatic vehicle is great for those who are nervous about learning to drive or require fewer things to focus on.

Automatic driving lessons are ideal for anyone who might not want to or be able to manage things like changing gears and using the clutch pedal. Taking automatic lessons can help remove barriers to getting out and learning to drive, especially when paired with an award-winning instructor from Bill Plant Driving School.

To arrange your lessons, complete our automatic driving lesson enquiry form or call our customer service team directly on 0330 555 2254.

Bill Plant Automatic Driving Lessons
Why take automatic driving lessons with Bill Plant Driving School?

Here at Bill Plant Driving School, our instructors are recognised nationally for the quality of their tuition and the satisfaction of their students – we were even named National Driving School of the Year 2024. With years of experience under their belts, you can be sure that you’re in safe hands whilst out on the roads. There are multiple benefits to learning to drive an automatic with Bill Plant Driving School.

  • Learn to drive in one of our fleet’s market-leading Volkswagen vehicles.
  • Benefit from lessons taught by experienced driving instructors.
  • Choose lesson times that suit your schedule.
  • Enjoy free theory training that’s backed up by 1:1 support from your instructor.
  • Male and female driving instructors are available nationwide.
How is driving an automatic different from driving a manual car?

The main difference between manual and automatic cars is in the gearboxes. With manual cars, the driver is responsible for changing between gears as they accelerate and decelerate, whilst in an automatic, the car does it all (well, most of it anyway) for you.

Automatic cars still have some gears, but they appear more basic than those with manual transmissions. The main four gears you tend to find in automatic vehicles are:

  • P – Park – used for parking as the wheels will automatically lock to prevent rolling.
  • D – Drive – used when driving forwards; the car will move between gears automatically as you increase speed (such as when you’re on a motorway).
  • N – Neutral – used optionally when the car is stationary in a traffic jam or at traffic lights.
  • R – Reverse – used when driving backwards.
Is it easier to learn to drive in an automatic vehicle?

Learning to drive in an automatic car can simplify the early stages of learning to drive, as you do not need to develop clutch control and know when to change gears.

It is worth noting that once you master clutch control and changing gears, the learning journey of both manual and automatic drivers is remarkably similar. The key difference is that a manual learner can drive both automatic and manual cars once passed.

Drivers with reduced mobility or any condition that prevents them from changing gears easily can also benefit from learning to drive in an automatic vehicle, as well as anyone who is a particularly nervous driver and would benefit from the extra reassurance provided by learning to drive an automatic.

Where can I find automatic driving lessons?

Bill Plant Driving School offers automatic driving lessons nationwide, so you’ll be able to find an instructor in your area with all the knowledge and experience of local roads, hazards and test routes.

We have award-winning driving instructors based in hundreds of locations up and down the country who are ready to teach you everything you’ll need to know to become a confident, competent driver. Browse through our directory of local driving instructors to find your nearest driving instructor and book your lessons today.

How to book automatic driving lessons

To book your block of automatic driving lessons, simply fill out the online enquiry form at the top of the page. For more information on automatic driving lessons near you or for help with any other questions, contact a friendly member of our customer service team via the online form or by calling 0330 555 2254.