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Bill Plant Road Safety Campaign

Bill Plant School of Motoring has always been committed to safety since its origination in 1992!

Road Safety pivots around some very straight forward and simple principles

KNOW & UNDERSTAND your Highway Code
KNOW & UNDERSTAND your Theory, even if you've already passed the test
ALWAYS drive with the safety of yourself & other road users in mind
• Expect the unexpected and make sure you can always react accordingly & safely
• Remember that the safest & best practice is GOOD THEORY
• You are only human - do not exceed your human limitations or abuse the human capacity for error

Part of the Bill Plant Road Safety ethic quite naturally included a dedicated ethos to its Road Safety Campaign. Bill Plant School of Motoring carries out FREE Road Safety Awareness Campaigns at Schools and Colleges throughout the UK, has been doing so for a substantial time, and intends to carry this message outwards for a long time to come.

Bill Plant Driving School Road Safety Campaign
It goes without saying however that unfortunately there still exist far too many families destroyed by victims of reckless driving, and only by raising awareness on a continuous basis will we be able to play our part in preventing more families from being taken down that awful path. Research tells us that 4 of 5 non-medical related deaths of 10-19 year olds occur due to road incidents, leaving an average of 9 families every day receiving the devastating news of loved ones suffering a sudden, violent death from a vehicle related incident.

At Bill Plant School of Motoring we send our trained instructors and road safety officers who will offer interactive and contemporary lectures on the dangers faced by young drivers. Whilst these lectures are fun, they have a very serious message attached to them.

The subjects covered include:

• Drink & Drug Driving
• Mobile Phones & Driving
• Speeding
• Police Procedures
• Attitudes to Driving
• Peer Pressure
• Texting/Emailing & Driving
• In-Car Safety (Seatbelts/Vehicle Maintenance)
• Driver Awareness/Distractions

Video footage, Q&A sessions, and real testimonies from real offenders of road crime are used during the presentations as instructional tools to assist the instructors and officers to get the message across. We work alongside local authorities and Councils to provide materials to Schools and Colleges, including other public venues whereby people can easily access the safety message we want to portray.

Bill Plant Driving School Road Safety Campaign

Lectures may last from 40 minutes to an hour, and in a full day we can deliver 4 or 5 presentations to classes of up to 30. In addition, the driving instructor/s present (subject to suitable availability) aim to provide a number of students with a brief driving experience in a car. If your school or college like most is very busy and space is somewhat of an issue, we can always come to you with our Bill Plant Road Safety Exhibition Unit (see pictures).

If you do not require a lecture but you feel that you could benefit from our knowledge about any driving related issue, we would be only too happy to oblige.

To discuss a potential visit or to make an enquiry, please contact us using the details below:

Tel: 01765 607777

Email: info@billplant.co.uk