When taking your hazard perception test you will see 14 video clips that will be about one minute long.
The clips themselves will show a situation when driving that will involve other road users and this will be shown from the driver's viewpoint. When each of the clips show a hazard or something that changes the drivers speed or direction will develop and you will need to identify this by clicking at the point that you notice the hazard developing.

This software is closely based on the DSA Hazard Perception Test and will give you a taste of what to expect, but you should not rely on this for all of your practice.

Watch the videos carefully and click if you see a hazard developing that would cause you to slow down or steer to take avoiding action. Please make sure not to over click or you will be detected as cheating.

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Free Online Hazard Perception Test

To start the hazard perception test simply click on the start test below.

When you see a hazard on screen click anywhere on the video to register a flag!