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Driving Instructor Training Reviews
Drving Instructor trainingJames Cooper - Residential Course Module B

I cannot thank Bill Plant and my trainers enough for my excellent training. I was at a stage where I knew my situation needed rescuing. The training I was receiving was poor which was affecting my confidence.
Bill Plants trainers gave me constructive criticism and feedback throughout the week. I could not believe the difference in me from the day I started to the Friday when the course ended.
I would also like to thank the staff who work in the training centre for their support from my first phone enquiry, as they were brilliant.
If anyone else out there is feeling as I was and need a new direction I would recommend Bill Plant’s course and I will definitely be using the future training facilities.
Drving Instructor trainingSenthuran Nanthapalan- Residential Course Module B

Was very helpful course made me think/plan ahead with my driving which I tend to not do with my delivery job. Our trainee was very enthusiastic and made the 2 days helpful.
Drving Instructor trainingDavid Phillips - Residential Course Module A

The driving sessions were fantastic. I would have liked more time to correct my faults. It has made me more aware. I need to sort more roadtime.
Drving Instructor trainingCraig Bell - ORDIT Course

Attended the day course, fantastic training from Paul and ive now passed. I enjoyed every minute of it and it will also help with learner, I would recommend this course, the trainer was great, very pleasant and made it very enjoyable.
Drving Instructor trainingJason Tinkler - ORDIT Course

I have enjoyed the course, Paul has been professional, thought and I have learned a lot. I’ve refreshed on past experiences and I’m looking forward to my first PDI.
Drving Instructor trainingDamien Thompson – Residential Couse Module B

My experience with Bill Plant driving company has been good from the start with the original phone call with Nicky and the part 1 and 2 training with Ian Fox. For part 3 training I had Peter Brabin. He was very patient with me and used many different examples to illustrate the point. I feel I have the skills and confidence to become a driving instructor.
Drving Instructor trainingAndrew Brunton – Residential Course Module B

I have had a great time on the course and met some really pleasant people. My experience of the Bill Plant driving school has been good from the start, right from speaking with Nicky who gave lots of positives as to why I should progress my training with the company, booking onto the residential course as a bonus due to my current working conditions as this has allowed me to fast track my learning.
As always Karen has been very accommodating and a pleasure to speak to about anything to do with the booking of the course or the accommodation side of things. Ian trained and prepared me to a great standard on my part 1 and 2 of the course allowing me to pass first time. Great tuition from Paul on day 1 then Peter throughout the rest of the week who has been very patient and informative, getting me to a level where I feel I am ready to now take my part 3 test.
I would like to thank everyone involved in getting me to where I am now and looking forward to joining Bill Plant when I pass my part 3 test.
Ali Rahimi - Residential Course Module A

It was perfect – I can say Jeff is a good trainer and I learnt so many thing about driving and what I have to work on.
Drving Instructor trainingAndrew Brunton – Residential Course Module BMohamed Rizwan Bary – Residential course module A

I found the course very good. My instructor was great at explaining what I had to do. Jeff helped me better my driving skills in the period I have been with him. He was very information and explained everything well. I have a lot of knowledge to take away with me that I have learned from my instructor.
Ben Mahendran - Residential Course Module A

It’s very useful training, I learned many new skills. Now I feel very good and I hope ill pass my tests. Many thanks.
Damian Cardoso Freitas - Residential Course Module A

The course was very helpful on improving my understanding on how to progress forward onto becoming a driving instructor.
Dennis Higgins - Residential Course Module A

I found the course very good, the tutor knew I was struggling on certain aspects and stayed behind to help me with this, which I found very useful. A big great thankyou to him.
Graham Hames - Residential Course Module A

Excellent from start to finish. Well planned, structured and presented. I feel this has given me an excellent grounding to pursue my future career.
Drving Instructor trainingRichard Jordan - Residential Course Module A

Training from Jeff was comprehensive, informative and accurate. I feel that in the very short time I spent on stage 1 and 2 I have learned so much to assist me in my ambitions to become an ADI.
Drving Instructor trainingSue Blackhall - Residential Course Module A

I thought Jeff was amazing, he really know his stuff. It has really taught me what I need to do in order to pass correctly. I don’t need to treat it as a race to pass, at the end goal is what’s important. I will go away and practice loads because I want to do it right. Its not just about passing a course, its about learning to be the best ADI I can be so I can teach my pupils correctly.

I would recommend Bill Plant to everyone.
Christian deac - Fleet Course

The course was well done and extremely beneficial, both in terms of the Fleet course and for normal green badge work. What can I say about Peter Brabin, other than his level of training is perfect and you learn so much about driver training. I would recommend this course to everyone who is interested in helping fleet operations.
Keith Luckhurst - Fleet Course

The course was enlightening and educational. Peter’s style of training left everyone relaxed whilst at the same time getting the necessary information and skills across. A thoroughly enjoyable and worthwhile exercise.
Allan Rickwood – ECO Training

Good demonstration of how real savigns can be made and safety improved. Stuart was fun to work with, clear and concise in his delivery and instruction. Genuinely surprised in the difference in fuel savings for no loss of time.
Del Nelson – ECO Training

I thought the course was very good. I was surprised how much saving was done on fuel consumption. Stewart was very informative in what he was putting across. Not only for delivering this to potential clients, I will incorporate into my own driving and with pupils when they are at an advanced stage.
Drving Instructor trainingPaul Humphreys - Advanced Driving

The course was an intensive 2 days which meant, as a self employed driving instructor, I wasn’t away too long. The two days were very instructive and, though hard, was fun at the same time. I feel the new methods of thinking involved can only make me a better driver/instructor. Thanks to all involved
Laura Kemp - Residential Course Module B

The training I have received from Bill Plant Driving School has been second to none. Both of my trainers have been excellent and I have come away with so much more knowledge and experience, I can't thank them enough
Drving Instructor trainingNigel Horsfall - Residential Course Module B

Great Course to attend, very informative with all the desired help needed to get me ready for the part 3 exam. A great well thought out structure made enjoyable and equally informative.
Drving Instructor trainingColin Naylor - Residential Course Module B

The course was very well structured and thought out . Excellent knowledge and teaching skills from Peter and Paul. Excellent facilities and vehicles sets them apart form others. Many thanks to everyone at Bill Plant, a very enjoyable course.
Rob Chapman - Residential Course Module B

Highly beneficial to do a residential course as intense as this is, I would recommend to other PDI's as I feel ive gained the relevent information to take part 3. With more practice and confidence appraoching my test I am confident I will give it a good go. Thankyou.
John Owen - ECO Training

Simple and effective presentation throughout. Good in car time. Stewart gave a very indepth promotion of all espects of what was expected and required from us and the clients.
Gemma Mercer - Residential Course Module B

Overall the course as really good. Really nformation and helpful. Learned loads of really helpful tips to help assist in passing my part 3.
Carole Adams - Residential Course Module B

The experience has been fantastic from day one, all the staff are focused on me. The instructor tailored the experience to me and thats why I chose Bill Plant. Cant fault the training at all. I would recommned ot anyone 15/10!

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